Kesari, the much awaited ‘dream project’ of Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, just unleashed not 1, not 2 but 3 whole teasers one after the other today.

The movie directed by Anurag Singh, starring Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra is based on the iconic Battle of Saragarhi.

The battle happened during the British colonial rule of India, on 12th September 1897 and is a tale of bravery and determination.

A mere 21 Sikhs fought against over 10,000 Afghans and managed to tell a tale of victory through the heliograph, a machine to send messages using sunlight, that they fought to protect.

What Does The Teaser Show?

To be honest, the teasers were for lack of a better word, perfect?

It’s not always that I come across a teaser that is intriguing without really giving away much of the plot. Today’s time, Bollywood teasers are almost as long as a trailer, and so their charm has been lost.

But standing at 30 seconds each, out of which almost 10 seconds at the end is just the poster of the movie with the soundtrack on, they barely reveal anything but still manage to make you interested in looking forward for more.

And have to give credit to the ones who made these teasers that even in 3 individual videos, the shots are such that they build up your anticipation.

Let me break down each teaser for you:

In the first you have a back shot of probably Akshay Kumar, holding the Indian weapon ‘chakram’, a round steel, sharp-edged weapon and a sword, whose tip is almost red with heat, in either of his hands.

It pans out to a wide-shot of the whole fort of Saragarhi with the enemy swarming in droves from all sides of the entrance.

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The 2nd one has a Sikh soldier, this time it’s difficult to see if it’s Kumar’s character or some other one, walking out to the enemy while their entire body is set on fire.

The Sikh soldier then raises his fist in the air, his kara clinking against his wrist all the while the enemy look on in shock and fear.

To be honest, if it was someone other than Akshay then that is even better since it will show how each soldier was instrumental in the victory and not just the typical Bollywood hero coming in to save the day.

The 3rd one is more visually impacting than the rest, with you getting the first glimpse of exactly how vast the difference between the 2 sides is.

On one hand you have this small group of 21 Sikh soldiers and then on the next you have an almost infinite seeming flurry of Afghans that seem to have no end to them.

You also get the first look at Akshay Kumar in his full getup, when he is giving an order, probably to open fire, just like Havildar Ishar Singh did in the real battle.

Overall, good job with the teasers and it just makes me even more excited for the trailer and then the film. Just hope that it actually meets our expectations and does justice to the brave soldiers who sacrificed themselves in this battle.

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