As soon as Kevin Spacey, in his answer to the sexual harassment charge, revealed about his sexual orientation to the public, Netflix suspended the production of the next season of House of Cards, where Spacey plays the lead role, and severed all ties with him.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

Warren Buffet

Anthony Rapp has accused Spacey of trying to seduce him in 1986, when Rapp was merely 14 years old i.e., a minor.

Since the revelation, multiple other actors and artists have complained about Spacey’s attempts at inappropriate conduct at a workplace. More recently, eight members of the House of Cards crew accused Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct.

Being an ardent fan of the Netflix series House of Cards, I am utterly disappointed at how the two-time Oscar-winning actor turned out, but more importantly, I am quite worried about the future of House of Cards. Here’s what I think could happen next on House of Cards:

It’s her turn

Now that Francis Underwood is gone, it is best to assume that Claire Underwood steals the limelight she deserves. The last season of House of Cards ended on such a note that it left the audience perplexed as to whether Frank will become the President or not.

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Anyhow, Spacey’s exit from the series could be a good thing. Right from the very pilot season, Kevin Spacey’s performance has been remarkable. His screen presence is brilliant and expressions are a treat. (Too bad he is a complete douchebag IRL) But aren’t we fed up of his character, Frank Underwood? His removal from the series would discharge the dominance he had over other characters.

And maybe this is the best time for Spacey’s elimination. Remember the last frame of season five when Claire, played by Robin Wright, looks into the camera and declares “My turn“. That could be it.

Doug back into White House

Another thing one can predict is that Doug Stamper would be pushed to the center stage. Played by Michael Kelly, Doug Stamper’s character is oddly quiet and taciturn. Would he return to the scene as Claire’s Chief of Staff? No one knows. We can only guess.

The news is already there that a Doug Stamper spin-off is in the making.

Frank is assassinated?

This could be a rather predictable and the cheapest method to get rid of a character.

Opening scene could be the state funeral of ex-POTUS Underwood. Or maybe there wouldn’t even be a funeral scene? Depends upon the amount of hatred Netflix has for Kevin.

To conclude, I would like to say that it has been a great experience binge watching Kevin Spacey act as Francis Underwood on Netflix. Now it’s time to depart from the usuals. And best of luck to Mr. Spacey for getting his shit together.


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