Why My Generation Doesn’t Want To Marry: The Reasons Might Baffle You

The Millennial generation is many things, but one thing it is not is ready for the M word. Marriage.

Yes, the Millennial generation is extremely against marriage for various reasons and while you might notice this to be a trend in the US, Indian Millennials are not that far behind.

In the US alone, a Pew Research Center report conducted in 2014, found that only a small fraction of 26% of young adults that ranged from ages of 18 to 32 were married in 2013.

Another study showed that about a quarter of millennials don’t want to get married in the first place and have absolutely no plans to.

This is not something born out of depression or creating unhappiness for the millennials. In fact, many are more than happy to stay single for as long as they want.


But what exactly is the reason behind such a set mindset where even the mention of marriage is more than enough to make some run for their lives and others shiver in fear:

Absolute Accountability Is Terrifying

According to an acquaintance of mine, and from what I have observed millennials have this intense need for independence and doing everything their own way.

Sure they are passion-driven and ambitious to the core, but these very traits can make it difficult for them to adjust when the time comes. And the fact is that many millennials don’t want to adjust in the first place.

Marriage to them means not just adjustment but also a lifetime accountability, that piece of paper that defines two people as married also signifies a legally bound contract for some millennials that is overwhelming on a large scale.

The idea that marriage will bring with itself absolute accountability, lack of space and perhaps most importantly the concept of family planning can be too complex for the simple life that most Millennials strive to have.

Simple in the sense, a life where relationships and events are not too complicated and one can put their entire focus on achieving their dreams.

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Self Importance Is Too Much

Another reason that millennials are running away from marriage could be that in today’s generation, self-importance is at an all time high.

This is already becoming a problem in the professional world, with many millennials overestimating their worth and talents and believe themselves to be irreplaceable.

However, that ideology has now filtered over into their personal life as well with many millennials thinking first of themselves and then their partner.

In here actually, the millennial is not totally at fault, seeing as they have been raised by the society telling them of how special and unique they are and slogans like ‘never change yourself’ and ‘you are good as you are’ strewn about and banged into the heads of today’s youth.

This has created an over-inflated sense of self wherein the person wants everything and everyone to go according to what they want and total reluctance to make any kind of compromise on their own part.

India and China are Ex-Lovers

Too Jaded And Fickle Minded

Apart from that the millennial generation as per another acquaintance of mine, is entirely too jaded by the rocketing divorce rates and the notion that marriage is an end-all-be-all instead of being a new beginning.

My generation believes that marriage just cannot work in today’s time because of the many problems that exist which in turn has made them turn away from marriage at least temporarily.

Another reason could be the fickle-mindedness of today’s generation and not wanting to commit to one thing.

As said above, marriage is seen as a capstone, something that is the end of something instead of something that is a new chapter of one’s life.

This is a source of fear for millennials who are fickle-minded and cannot settle on one thing. Commitment phobia is something that can be clearly seen in the millennials.

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  1. No matter how astonishing it may appear, that’s the truth! Not many likes the idea of getting married or think that it holds no practicality. The majority of the ones who get married is because of parents & societal’s influence.


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