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What To Do If You Don’t Have 67% Attendance In DU?

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Delhi University’s attendance is an infamous joke now among the students. 

While I do not exactly condone missing classes and wasting the fees you are paying the university, there are other places where your time can go.

Classes in college are not like the ones in school, where they are held in an orderly manner and your only job is to sit in class all day and study. 

Things like society work, internships, volunteer work and more take up a big chunk of your time in college, since classes are more relaxed, you don’t have a time-table to abide by and, the entire atmosphere of a college is different to a school. 

I do not completely agree with mindlessly bunking classes or missing them in order to goof around, since that is going to eventually hurt you only. Missing classes means you don’t get to understand the concepts, the examples, any tips that the teacher might be giving and more. 

It is also wasting the college’s faculty and their expertise, the fees you pay and others which will ultimately harm you only once the exam season comes around. 

But at the same time, the relaxed nature of college also allows students to spread their wings and try out new things that will sharpen their skills and make them ready for the outside world with extra-curricular activities, taking a job etc. 

In those cases, it becomes difficult to both attend classes and give time to those activities, and students can thus fall short of the required 67% of attendance that all DU colleges require in order to grant the student their admit card. 

Without this admit card, a student cannot enter the exam halls or give their paper. So, in case you find yourself falling short of attendance, here are a few tips to get around it:

#1. Get In Touch With HOD

First thing to understand is how far behind the mandatory requirement are you. If it is just a matter of 1 or 2% then talking to the Head of Department (HOD) might help. 

If you are on good terms with them, there is a possibility that they could adjust it a little so that you don’t have to get a bond signed. 

#2. Bond/Affidavit

In case of a first time offence or if you are not extremely low on attendance say around 50%, you could sign a bond/affidavit or undertaking. 

This is essentially a written promise by the student that they were not fulfilling the required attendance this semester but will follow the rules for the next one. 

This next thing could differ from college to college, but some universities even require the signature of a family member or parent on this bond or undertaking.

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#3. Proof Of Other Activity

If you were engaged with some competition from a society you are in, and were out of town due to that, you can get some leeway from that. 

Make sure to get something in writing from the society head that you participated in so and so competition which lead to you missing out on a certain number of classes. 

Ask your seniors, HOD or society head on how to submit it along with your other documents. 

In case of a medical emergency, make sure you have copies of the medical reports, and submitted on time. 

While in the case of an internship, each college has different system, so some like Ramanujan and others require an NOC to be submitted to the college even before you start the internship. 

Some other colleges could be more lenient and suffice with just a letter from the employer. 

Another thing to keep in mind would be the general attitude of the college itself. While some are a bit lenient, others can be strict and do not adjust the rules at all. 

Also a good tip would be to just not miss the classes so much, especially if you are not involved in any other area. The attendance in most DU colleges carries 5 marks as internal with it, having a good rate can get you those extra marks, thus boosting your overall percentage. 

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