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“Rs. 9 Lacs/Annum When He’s In 12th,” Gurugram Man Reveals Class 3 Boy’s CBSE School Fee Hike

The sector of school fee hikes is not usually one that is discussed on a large scale, with most even being unaware of what’s happening there.

However, a father’s post talking about the rising school fees, questioning the unexplained nature of it and how the schools don’t respond well to anyone protesting it has gone viral.

What Did The Man Say About The Fee Hike?

On 9th April 2024, Udit Bhandari a real estate consultant from Gurugram posted on his X/Twitter page writing “My son’s school fees have been consistently compounding at 10%/annum. The school does not even bother to explain the hike and the higher fee simply appears on the payment app! When parents protested, they said please look for another school for your kids!”

He then followed it up by posting how “This post surely has hit a raw nerve! My son is in Grade 3 and it’s a reputed CBSE school in Gurgaon. School fees is Rs. 30000/month including meals (excluding bus). If this continues to compound at 10%, it would be nearly Rs. 9,00,000 per annum when he’s in 12th”.

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Several people seemed to agree with Bhandari with one writing “Same here with DPS. You can’t object to anything. 10% hike every year, books with inflated MRP, they even provide stationery, and you can’t buy it from outside. They change dresses and shoes every year so that nobody can use their old ones.”

Another replied “My friend’s daughter is in an International Board school in Bangalore in class 2, and her fees are – Rs. 8 lakhs/annum, including food and transportation. They increase the fees by 10% yearly + an additional 20% when the kid jumps certain grade buckets. So, as per my friend, the per annum fees when she reaches class 12th will be Rs. 35 lakhs.”

Another user commented how the education system is becoming a business writing “This is so relatable. Unexplained hikes in school fees have become a norm with private schools. Education has become a business.”

User @manoj_216 also replied with what the possible reasons there could be “I see the following reasons for extraordinarily high fees charged by private schools in India:

  • Pvt schools aren’t regulated.
  • They are big businesses, running for profits.
  • There is a massive demand supply gap.
  • Parents have only 1 kid in most cases, and they want to give their best.
  • Govt schools are actually pathetic.
  • Homeschooling concept hasn’t yet caught up in India.”


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