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COEP Technological University’s 96th Regatta Was Truly A Historical Event



COEP Technological University, known for its excellent academics and lively activities, celebrated its 96th Regatta event on 24th March 2024. Regatta is recognized as India’s oldest college festival by the Limca Book of Records and has been a symbol of COEP’s heritage since 1928.

Students’ hard work for the Regatta showcased their Passion, Dedication, and Creativity, signifying COEP Tech’s commitment to experimental learning. It enriches education and inspires innovation for future generations.

This celebration, a 95-year-old legacy exhibiting a remarkable array of boats and leaving fand memories in the hearts of its participants and audience, is stepping towards its 96th edition in 2024. Regatta has always been a canvas for all those who are passionate to portray their brilliance of skill endurance, and sportsmanship.

The theme for the 96th Regatta was “Dawn to Radiance” which represented the journey from start to shining process, it conveys a metaphorical journey, starting from the early stages represented by “dawn,” which often signifies the beginning or initiation.

As the theme progresses towards “radiance, “it implies a transformation or evolution into a state of brightness, vibrancy, and perhaps even celebration. For the 96th Regatta, Dawn to Radiance implies capturing the entire experience of the event.

It represents the initial anticipation and preparations leading up to the Regatta, symbolized by the dawn. As the event unfolds, the radiance signifies the lively and dynamic atmosphere, filled with excitement, energy, and the spectacle of boats on the water.

The COEP Tech’s Regatta mixes tradition and innovation, bonding boat racing with community spirit.

The regatta consisted of 6 water shows which included Arrow Formation, Shell Games, Kayak Ballet, Telematches, Punt Formation & Mashaal Dance.

The 96th Regatta was a grand success with a huge crowd that gathered at COEP Technological University on 24th March 2024.

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