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Bizzare Wedding Rituals Around India That Will Surprise You


By Deeksha Aggarwalla

The Indian culture gives huge importance to its traditions and rituals, especially the ones surrounding weddings. We know some of them, of course!


There are others as well. May be that is why it is said that not only the wedding day is important but all the ceremonies preceding it for seven days are just as memorable. We are listing down some of the most ridiculous, pun intended, rituals.

  1. Marrying A Peepal Tree Or A Dog

Beginning with a widely known custom, made more popular during a certain celebrity wedding – Marrying a Peepal tree or a dog. Dictated by the astrological time, that a female is born during – she might be called Manglik doshi. So, if one is a Hindu Indian girl and manglik – the customs say that she has to get married to a Peepal tree and in some instances, to a dog; the dosh or the curse, literally will be transferred to the tree/dog and when she gets married finally to her human groom, he will be safe. What is worth noting is how the same ritual is not applicable to a male manglik doshi.


2. At The Last Minute The Groom Chooses Asceticism

Moving on, we are going to talk about the Kashi Yatra, which grooms in South India popularly undertake. Specifically, in a Tamilian Brahmin wedding, the groom pretends to change his mind just before the wedding. He has to act that he has no interest in grahastam i.e. a married life instead he wants to give up materialism and embrace asceticism. In short, Tamil Brahmin grooms pretend to embrace sanyas. Now, the bride’s father has to go, convince him, iterate the benefits of marriage and finally make him agree to getting married. Pretentious, much!


3. Balance Earthen Pots On Your Head And Touch The Feet Of In Laws

Third, we shall tell you a fun custom, where the mother in law dominates her newly married daughter in law. According to the ritual, the bride is laden with numerous pots on her head. She has to bend down and take blessings of the elders. This is a really scary ceremony, which tests the  bride’s balance and her success is a report of how balanced she will be in her married life. What if someone is clumsy? No ashirwad,eh?


4.  Saanth


Fourth, we have a Sindhi ritual called Saanth or Saath Wanwas. It takes separately for the bride and groom, where an anklet is tied to their right leg. Then, elderly aunts pour oil over their heads. Post this, they are made to wear new shoes and break earthen pots. The fun part? In a few places, the groom’s clothes are torn off signifying breaking relations with past unto a new future.

5. Greet With Tomatoes


Last, we have our own Indian tomatino festival. In a town called Sarsual in Uttar Pradesh, instead of flowers, garlands and bouquets, tomatoes are used to greet the groom. Squashed or not? The crowd decides. Woopsie!

There you have it folks! We are sure you have not heard about a few of them and that they have managed to surprise you with their idiocy. But we should look beyond the face value and if you can’t, ignore them and move on!


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