Watch: UEFA Nations League And It’s Impact On Euros Explained

The first phase of UEFA Nations league has ended and people are still confused as to the relevance of this competition for the Euro 2020 or what it even does in general.

Before we explain the league and its impact in the world football here is some information about the UEFA Nations League.

UEFA Nations League Basics:

A total of 55 nations all under UEFA are participating in this newly introduced league.

The Nations have been divided into four tiers with League A being the highest and League D being the lowest. Each league is further divided into four groups on the basis of random draws.

The leagues are divided on basis of the country’s standing and this was responsible for higher seeded teams facing off against each other and still will.

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Without any further ado, here is the UEFA Nations League and its impact on Euro 2020 explained:

The Nations League, though confusing is actually good for international football once you understand how it works.

Let us know your thoughts on the league!

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Sources: UEFA, BBC, Telegraph + more

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