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‘Umrah’ is the minor or ‘lesser’ Islamic pilgrimage, the ‘major’ being ‘Haj’. Pilgrims go for ‘Umrah’ throughout the year while ‘Haj’ is performed during a specific time of the year.

According to the Quran, ‘Haj’ is compulsory for Muslims who can afford it while ‘Umrah’ is not mandatory.

Pilgrims perform the rituals of ‘Umrah’ with pure heart and devotion to Allah to seek redemption. It is believed that ‘Umrah’ has many rewards. In the month of ‘Ramadan’, the rewards of ‘Umrah’ is believed to be equivalent to that of ‘Haj’.

Muslims begin the rituals of ‘Umrah’ in the state of ‘Ihram’ i.e state of Holiness. People tend to devote themselves completely to serve Allah.

The ritual of ‘Umrah’ began when Prophet Mohammad PBUH first proceeded to perform ‘Umrah’ after the conquest of Mecca in December 629.

Watch the video to know more about the traditions and rituals of the Islamic pilgrimage ‘Umrah’.

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According to Muslim traditional accounts, it is reported that throughout the Mohammaden era, Muslims wanted complete rights to perform ‘Umrah’ and Haj, however, Mecca was then occupied by Arab Pagans who believed in idol worship.

Diplomatic negotiations began to take place after Prophet Mohammad PBUH was stopped to perform pilgrimage. The Treaty of Hudaaybiyyah was thus signed which allowed Muslims a three-day visit to Ka’bah per year.

Thereafter, Prophet Mohammad PBUH ordered and took part in the conquest of Mecca in December 629 AD. Following the terms of Hudaibiya Treaty, Prophet Mohammad PBUH and around 2000 followers went to Mecca to perform the first ‘Umrah’.

Ever since then, Muslims all over the world have been driven by their faith to perform ‘Umrah’ to achieve inner peace and seek redemption from Allah.

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