Watch: 8 Indian Influencers Who Promote Body Positivity And Keep It ‘Real’

The 21st century is backed by electronic media, which is further endorsed by artificial beauty standards and stereotypes in real-time via the internet.

in a world that is chiefly swayed by 36-24-36 dimensions, a hairless body, having a slender body with no belly and a bubble butt, smelling flowers all the time like a beautiful ‘Barbie’, there’s a glimmer of hope!

If you’ve ever lost your self-identity and found yourself caught in a shell of uncertainty, now is the time to learn from these 8 Indian influencers that encourage body acceptance. These ‘inspirations’ should undoubtedly help you re-establish your self-esteem and confidence!

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Watching them would have undoubtedly instilled in you a sense of optimism and confidence! Thank you to these amazing influencers for always being ‘real’ and never disguising their shortcomings, which serves as an inspiration to many!

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Sources: iDiva; Miss Malini; Tweak India

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