I cringed on seeing those memes the first time.

I am all up for politically incorrect, problematic humour (given the proper time and space and people), but this was something that just passed me by. I JUST COULDN’T GET IT.

Vaping is gay
Do you get it? Do you?

What was the reference they were making to? Why was it gay, even?

I tried to search for reasons, and guess what? I could not get even a single one as to why people believe vaping is actually gay.

So, I think that is the problem with memes – sometimes, they reflect your own stupidity. Take the cue from those “Tag A Rahul/Neha“.

But I tried to get to the bottom of this, and here are some reasons why I think this stereotype has been disseminated (because obviously, no article out there could pacify me).

Homosexuality = not real sex
Vaping = not real smoking

You know what they say about same-sex love, right?

How can you enjoy sex if it is not peno-vaginal?

Homosexual intercourse is not “real sex”. Hence, vaping is not really smoking because it does not involve “real” cigarettes. It’s just to make you feel as if you are smoking when in reality you are not.

Quite the same stereotype applied to the LGBTQ community.

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Being a man

You must have heard people asking you to “man-up” or “be a man”. Though I can be wrong, but this argument seems too strong to be refuted.

Smoking is usually considered a hypermasculine activity.

Opting for vaping might throw you down that ladder of becoming/being an alpha male. At least that’s what they say – “men try the REAL thing.” (cyanide to your stereotypes, maybe? But that’s just an afterthought).

Being outcast

Just like gay people are made to exist at the periphery of society, so are people who vape from the group that smokes. Microcosmic, but convincing enough.

…and then cometh science

Scientists confirm the link between homosexuality and vaping. 

Should I just leave it at that? Homosexuality is apparently like cancer which you can catch if you smoke too much, at least this is what this study means to say.

The meme culture is as poisonous as smoking, to some extent. The increasing threat is that people cannot even justify the views that they side by. If you support a meme that says vaping is gay, there has to be a reason why you giggle after reading it.

From all the material I have read on it put on the internet, there were just memes in the name of justification, no real information.

Even if you do side by scientific research proclaiming that vaping makes you a homosexual, you know it is flawed science. Because homosexuality is something you are born with, not something that is cultivated.

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  1. no dude.
    you got it all wrong.
    I can see how you arrived at your premises, “vaping = not real smoking” and “homosexuality is not real sex”, but no. No one is thinking about how/ if homosexuality is/ is not real sex when they tell you vaping is gay.

    When someone tells you vaping is gay, they mean it is gay in the same reason that Harley owners are raging faggots. Vaping is fucking retarded. Only dumbasses and dumb fucking dickweeds vape. It’s fucking gay.

    In another word: Remember how in middle school, someone called your Minecraft t-shirt gay?
    yeah, same deal. it’s super fucking lame.

    in conclusion, ted cruz caused aids, sink britain, and end the federal reserve.

  2. Dudes that vape don’t look gay, they look pathetically sick. Notice the guys doing it or either sickly thin or obese? These kids and manboys sucking on these straws look like hospital patients. It’s pretty disturbing.

    What these dudes need is a dad to slap them around, but instead they have a single-mom who lets them stay in her basement vaping and spanking the monkey 10 times a day.

    Get out of the basement, get some sun, lift some weights, do some cardio. Better yet, get a freak’n job and help your mom pay her bills!


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