The post of the manager of Arsenal is one of the most enviable jobs in the world. There are many high-quality coaches around the world vying for that position.

The most important question is that whether Arsene Wenger would ever leave Arsenal. The ‘Specialist In Failure’ wants to stay for longer but for how long? There is no doubt that he is widely respected but it’s high time that the club looks for other options.

Without much ado, let’s look at the copious options and see who will be best suited for Arsenal:

1. Ronald Koeman

He is probably the most underrated coach in the world. Similarly to Guardiola, he is a product of famed philosophy of Cruyff and plays beautiful football but has just not been lucky in terms of managing good teams like Pep.

As a player, he had captained Barca in 1992 when they lifted the Champions League. He also lifted La Liga and Kings Cup as well.

He did a pretty good job at Southampton despite losing all the good players to Liverpool. Even at Everton, if not for a bad run of games, he had done a fantastic job before getting dismissed.

2. Diego Simeone

The football philosophy with which he gets his teams to play is opposite to that of Wenger but Simeone has marshaled Atletico Madrid into a top, organized defensive unit which is difficult to beat and has consistently performed well in CL in which Arsenal always falters.

People easily forget that if not for Real Madrid, ATM would have won 2 CLs by now. With the resources that Arsenal has, he would lead them to glory.

3. Roberto Martinez

Currently employed as the coach of Belgium, he is another coach who is not rated highly enough. Johan Cruyff had called him as good as Pep in one of his interviews.

He encourages his team to play the sort of game with high importance to possession that Arsene Wenger has established as the club’s identity and also conducts himself with a suave dignity which is widely and essentially accepted as ‘the Arsenal way’.

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4. Theirry Henry

He would be a bold and a brave choice. His selection would be similar to Pep’s selection as coach. He has high credentials as a player and is a respected pundit all around the world.

He is currently the assistant coach of Belgium. The former Arsenal Captain holds the record for the all-time best scorer in the club history and is loved by one and all. He’s unproven as a head coach though.

Would he be a mercurial signing as a coach? Only time and fate would tell that.

5. Steve Bould

He has been highly respected due to the work he has put in at the academy and now works as Wenger’s assistant at the dugout. He is considered to be quite popular and close to the players and without doubt, eats and drinks ‘The Arsenal Way’ every day.

Though, there is a major question-mark over his lack of experience as the leading manager. Some assistant coaches never turn out to be great managers. Some become like Jose Mourinho while some struggle like Paul Clement.

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Images- Google Images

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