As the festivities of Navratri began yesterday with people welcoming the many avatars of Goddess Durga, the Twitter platform on the other hand became a thriving place for posts poking fun at the struggles of every non-vegetarian lover who has to succumb to merciless fasting and prayers at the heart of the fanfare.

After all, what’s the best way to celebrate the anxieties and pain of a non-veg lover than posting a series of relatable memes?

Let’s take a look at the memes tickling our funny bones while you try your best to resist the urge of having no alcohol and chicken during the course of the nine-day festival.

Pretending To Be Happy When You Are Blue?

Not Even The Lure Of Dancing To Falguni Pathak Songs Will Beat Chicken, Right?

Trying To Cut Off Ties With Chicken While Craving The Andhaa Pyar

Don’t We All Seek A New Religion Especially This Season?

When Your Hopes Of Visiting A Famous Non-Veg Corner Get Dashed To The Ground

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When You Cannot Imagine Chicken During The Garbaa Season

Hold Your Thoughts Coz No One Is Going To Offer You A Chicken Dinner, Please

So Long And Thanks For The Chicken?

Watch Out For The Disgruntled Vegetarian Lovers Eyeing You With Contempt

Life Without Non-Veg Is What Thunderstorms Are To The Air

Just these few days of endless pain and suffering and you will get your share of the chicken back.

Remember folks, hope is a good thing and no good thing ever dies. Better late than sorry.

Sources: News18, The Indian Express, India Times, Twitter and others

Image Credits: Google Images, Twitter

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