It has been four years now since he entered the stock market sphere. He joined Sanbun Investments in 2017 and took the role of sales executive.

In the early days of his sales journey at Sanbun, he exhibited remarkable skills and prowess. Sale is a challenging field that requires extraordinary skills and abilities. Jaspreet managed to sell Sanbun Investments’ services to clients and inspire trust and belief within them.

Founder of Sanbun Investments, Nishaan Singh, recognized Jaspreet’s potential and offered him guidance and support. Passing years brought him skills and experience and motivated him to keep going forward. Jaspreet’s stock market journey began, and he then obtained substantial knowledge from varied sources.

The stock market is even more challenging and vast than sales. So, Jaspreet was obligated to learn as much as he could from as many sources as possible. His hard work and skills paid off in a desirable manner, granting him an identity as one of the best performers at Sanbun Investments.

He went through blogs, articles, and books related to the stock market. Also, he sought guidance from those who succeeded in the market long before him. Jaspreet is a remarkable young talent in both spheres— sales and trading. Talents like him inspire encouragement among youths to keep moving forward even in the face of challenges.


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