Whatever business you are in, sales is the crux of it. The other aspects like vision, mission, and production, etc., do matter but a business with poor sales can’t sustain. Saurabh brings you some of the tips to boost up your sales figure. Let us know first about this youth icon. 

Saurabh Singla is the Cofounder of CAPHIQ, a company that helps start-ups to grow. He specializes in providing consultancy to companies in the Blockchain and Fintech industry. Assisting organizations in various aspects of entrepreneurship is his expertise. His articles and write-ups depict his expertise in leadership and enterprising skills.

So, friends do not get lost when it comes to sales. Try out these tips by Saurabh.

How to Boost Sales: Tips Saurabh shares here:

  1. Zero down to Your Goals: The first thing first. Saurabh insists on deriving a goal for your sales department. Here, mostly the goal means the sales target for the company. When you are setting a target for the company, don’t go for some super-duper figure which is nonrealistic. When you are at the nascent stage of your business, set some realistic targets. However, that doesn’t mean if you can easily sell 100 pieces of T-Shirts in a month, keep it 100 or 105, rather you can take leverage of say, 110-125 pieces. However, the figure could be raised gradually while keeping your foot stable. Make both a short term and a long term goal.
  2. Work on Packaging: If you are in product sales, give it attractive packaging. Even if you are in concept sales or into selling of services, the packaging here comes in the form of brochures, write-ups, etc.  Saurabh reminds us here that we buy what our eyes like. So dear friends whatever business you are in, whether products or services invest in packaging too. This will make it more saleable.
  3. Choose your marketing strategy wisely: All of us know that strong marketing boosts your sales. Very true, but Saurabh’s take here is to choose and spend on marketing wisely. There are tremendous ways to market your product and no fixed rule or process for it. However one should always choose the media and budget wisely. Whether there will be print media, electronic media, TV, Radio, Online, Roadshows, kiosks, gifts, etc., it completely depends upon the nature of your product, business, the target market, and likewise other factors. Whatever way you choose, he says to develop a marketing strategy that is effective but pocket friendly.
  4. Strong and effective Follow-ups: Sales is all about relationships: When people get comfortable with you, they don’t mind paying you a bit extra or taking some other stuff from you. However, that doesn’t happen on a single contact. An effective and strong follow up with your prospective buyers builds up the relationship. These follow up to bring the prospects in the comfort zone to buy things from you.
  5. Educate your customer: This is a very important aspect of sales. Saurabh says that when you tell your customer about your products or services, always provide them one or two extra pieces of information that he might not be aware of. This will impress the customer about your knowledge of the product you are selling and will make a good impact on the product he is buying.
  6. Put deliberate effort for Cross-Sell and Up-Sell: Saurabh strongly recommends a salesperson or a sales department of any company to have a parallel goal of cross-selling and up-sell. This is a very effective way to boost your sale. You are raising your sales number on the same sales call and at the same cost. Marvelous!

Top of all, Saurabh says that a strong implementation is a key to work for the above tips. So Guys, All the best for your business and sales numbers!



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