Deepak Kumar and Fahad Yaqoob, two Pakistani fashion designers under the fashion label ‘Deepak n Fahad’, proved that fashion is an art that can break all stereotypical, cultural and religious walls. Filling their designs with hand-embroidered Ganesh and Durga motifs mixed with Russian florals, they have presented fashion as much more than just keeping up with the trends.

It’s a way to define what you believe in and how you want others to perceive your personality.

They presented their splendid collection in the Hum Fashion Week 2018, held at Karachi.

Such a dynamic and dauntless move, along with bringing out an unorthodox angle and outlook among the Pakistanis, has sure set a lasting impression in the minds of fellow Pakistani Designers.

Their powerful move received accolades from one of Pakistani’s leading fashion designers, Rizwan Bayg. “He came to us and said, ‘you guys never let me down’. Coming from someone we have always admired, it meant a lot to us,” said Deepak.

1. Deepak speaks his mind

With a beautiful thought in mind, these two Pakistanis have succeeded in breaking down all walls of hatred, and have established that fashion is just a way to express love. “We are overwhelmed with the response that we have got from the Pakistani fashion fraternity, models, clients and the press. Everyone loved the Ganesha motifs and the Vedic scriptures that we have used. It was something unexpected and it has surprised everyone. We wanted to tell the world that there is no wall that can confine fashion, art, love, music, and emotions,” said Deepak.

2. Adding more exciting pieces to men’s wardrobes

The amazing collection of men’s wear and men’s bags with such intricate embellishments left no heads unturned at the Hum Fashion week.

3. Breaking conventions

The bright, colorful, and yet moderate Ganesha and Durga Motifs stir my emotions and bring out an influential message that art is not defined by borders. It was indeed a poignant and impassioned move by the Pakistani designers, Deepak and Fahad, to break conventions and pour out their thoughts in such an artistic manner.

4. Something for the ladies

The Pink Tree Company based in Karachi, Pakistan also had neckpieces and other jewelry portraying religious symbols such as the Hindu Om, Ek Onkar, and the Christian Cross.

5. The journey of ‘Deepak n Fahad’

“Mohallay Ki Dosti” is what name Fahad gives to their childhood friendship. Though they went on to study in different schools, Fahad always had an eye out for a field in fashion. Deepak, on the other hand, agrees that fashion is a hobby for him “that mints money”. To think that they started their first collection with five shirts, five pants, and zero investment.

6. Fashion: much more than just fabrics and designs

Some places, even today, look at fashion as a restricted genre of tasteful and eye-pleasing fabrics and designs. Deepak and Fahad have indeed broadened the Fashion Horizon and given Fashion a completely new touch by using it to bring everybody to harmony.

Way to go, Deepak n Fahad. I’m eagerly waiting for their next collection, are you too?

Sources: Hindustan Times, Daily Hunt, The Express Tribune.

Image Sources: Google Images, Instagram

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