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Nike’s ‘Plus Size Mannequins’ Is A Progressive Step Then Why The Backlash?


Nike’s plus size mannequins featured in their London store for the first time last week.

Even though the company launched active wear for plus sized women back in 2017, it is only last week when a plus sized mannequin was added to the store to display the gear specially designed for plus sized women.

While most people welcomed the step as the pictures of mannequins from the store went viral on social media, there were others who were unhappy with the company for this step.

Many believe that Nike is glamorising obesity by bringing in such mannequins. Others believe it’s just a gimmick to catch eyeballs.

And then there were others who thought these mannequins are actually fat shaming plus sized women.

What I personally fail to understand is why can’t people mind their own business?

Has anyone questioned why the regular mannequins are so thin almost to a point where they depict women who never eat?

No, right?

Then why this backlash over plus sized mannequins?

As for these mannequins depicting an unhealthy lifestyle: the mannequins are clad with sports wear which actually depicts quite the opposite of an unhealthy lifestyle. I mean, I don’t think you wear sports gear to sit at home and make yourself a double cheese toast, right?

Moreover, the regular extra skinny mannequins at all stores don’t even look like normal human beings let alone promote ‘healthy lifestyle’! Eating air for breakfast and water for lunch and dinner is no healthy lifestyle either.

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I genuinely believe there is nothing wrong in having plus sized mannequins. An inclusive space is the need of the hour and with body issues induced depression on an all time high it is actually great that companies like Nike are helping in creating an environment where women of all shapes and sizes feel confident about their bodies.

The spokesperson of Nike also pointed out the same while giving a statement to GMA:

“We launched the Nike Plus Size collection in 2017 – a collection crafted to ensure the perfect fit at every size. To showcase inclusivity and inspire the female consumer, we launched Nike Plus Size mannequins in select stores in North America in 2018 and as part of the recent launch of the new ‘Women by Nike’ floor in NikeTown London. We continue to listen to the voice of the athlete and know that the female consumer wants to see a diverse and inclusive range of product to serve her sporting needs.”

I think we should let the women for whom this change has been incorporated speak for themselves. As long as they feel empowered by these mannequins and feel included and respected for their shape and size, we are no one to comment on it.

At the end of the day, the goal is to achieve satisfaction of the targeted consumer, not you and me debating over it on an online space!

What do you think about this step taken by Nike?

Write to us in comments below.

Picture Credits: Google Images

Source: GMA, The Guardian, Twitter + more

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