“Good journalism is getting better and bigger. The sad fact is that bad journalism just makes a lot more noise than it used to do 5 years ago”

– Raj Kamal Jha, Chief Editor, The Indian Express

Kunal Kamra’s latest podcast, ‘Shut Up Ya Kunal- Episode 4: Journalism & Defamation’ is a hilarious yet constructive take on the degrading state of Indian Media and the poor political narrative in the country. The host had invited Siddharth Varadarajan, Co-Founder of The Wire and Karuna Nundy who is a well known Supreme Court lawyer for the invigorating discussion.

There were a number of points that were brought up along the show which highlighted the oppressive powers that the government uses to suppress any dissenting voice and that it has an authoritative instead of a consultative approach to all matters.

Defamation Case By Jay Shah Against The Wire

The whole criminal defamation charge against The Wire has hurt it financially since it’s a non-profit organization. Karuna Nundy brought up the fact that criminal defamation law should be scrapped or at least be well-tailored and that how it has been used time and again to torture the less privileged party.

Indian Media Channels Are Turning Into North Korean Channels

It is no secret that channels like Republic TV, Zee News, Times Now and a lot more channels prefer to sing the praise of Modiji rather than having proper debates on the various big bang economic decisions taken by the government which have been more harmful than beneficial to the public.

Ravish Kumar isn’t wrong when he says that we now exist in a country of ‘GODI Media’ which dances to the tune of the ruling party.

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The Wire Isn’t Anti BJP

Siddharth Varadarajan spoke highly of Modi’s initiative on Solar Energy and how it is a positive change from the nuclear-obsessed ex-PM Manmohan Singh. The Wire has time and again published articles which praise the government for programmes on sanitation, Swachh Bharat and also for international engagements like the African Summit, etc. The Wire criticises and praises on sound logic, he says.

Hardcore Hindutva Narrative

It is a sad plight that secularism has been compromised significantly in our country and the rise of hardcore Hindutva voices is alarming. Yogi Adityanath is more concerned about the protection of cows than improving the deplorable situation of hospitals in his state.

The Rajputs wouldn’t think twice to threaten Deepika Padukone and rather protect an imaginary figure which supposedly exists only in the textbooks. And, then we have the lovable Sandeep Som who spews hatred as if he was chewing grass.

There were several other satirical takes on the Hrithik-Kangana fiasco, Arnab’s love affair with Modiji, etc.

All in all, I absolutely loved the podcast and I’m definitely waiting for a lot more podcasts in the future and, Yes, Siachen Mei Humaare Jawaan Ladd Rahe Hain!

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