Jay Shetty is a popular name on the Internet. 

Who is He? 

His life story seems nothing less than a movie – Shetty claims that after experimenting with drugs and a fast paced lifestyle as a teenager, an encounter with spirituality led him to become a monk at the age of 22.

He allegedly lived as a monk for 3 years, living in caves, meditating, and acquiring wisdom (frankly, we don’t do). After that, as a changed individual, he began imparting wisdom and lifestyle tips to thousands of people over the Internet.

His videos and social media posts are considered deeply inspiring to millennials, and he imparts important wisdom needed in our fast paced world. 

He has also been featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, which is testament to his popularity and influence. 

The Expose

However, a recent YouTube video by comedian and Internet personality Nicole Arbour disputes Jay Shetty’s wisdom, claiming that not all of it is original. 

Arbour accuses Shetty of stealing content from other writers and less famous online personalities, and passing it off as his own.

You can watch the video here:

Cropping out Credits

She even dropped the explosive statement that Shetty doesn’t even reword the quotes he plagiarises, he just crops out the name of the original writer, and inserts ‘Jay Shetty’ instead. 

Arbour was fuming in her now viral video, and issued a challenge to Shetty to publicly dispute her claims if they were false.

This screenshot from Diet Sabya, an Instagram account dedicated to calling out high-profile plagiarism, also raises doubts.

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The Impact

Shetty’s unusual life story and ascetic-like approach to day to day situations made him an extremely popular and respected social media personality. 

These claims, if proved true, can severely damage his image as a wise and self-actualized human being. 

He stands to lose a significant portion of his following, as Arbour’s claims, if proven, can rob him of credibility.

The Internet is waiting with bated breath for Shetty’s response.

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