Love ’em, hate ’em, but you can’t get away from ’em. 

They started off as ordinary people who got popular through various social media platforms, the most popular being Instagram and TikTok

What do they do

They share snippets about their daily lives, the clothes they wear, the products they use, and the places they travel to.

In most cases, they have a charming manner or are good looking, they rake in followers in the thousands. 

Now, it’s important not to confuse influencers with activists or celebrities. While the latter are also famous for the work they do, influencers are mostly famous just for who they are or how they look. 

I personally find many influencers super irritating, because there are some things I feel they do wrong in their quest to be known. 

What are they doing wrong? 

Overdoing things:

When I open Instagram, I don’t want to see the same person’s face from a million angles. I already know what you look like, and I don’t have the time or patience to click on your OOTD or the number of products and brands you have tagged in a simple selfie. 

TikTok overkill:

I unfollowed a very cute and pretty girl recently because she was overdoing the TikTok posts. It was getting irritating to see her standing in her living room and lip-synching to various Bollywood songs every couple of hours. Doesn’t she do anything else during her day? 

Getting preachy:

Another influencer I follow always posts looooooong captions that actually need to be divided into paragraphs because they look more like essays.

I have stopped reading them because they’re all the same- while they’re motivational, they’ve become a bit too preachy now, and it feels like the repeated instructions your mom gives you. 

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Being narcissistic:

Yes, many of us use social media for validation. I’m guilty of the same. We post our best pictures or pictures of us having a good time, and feel good when many people see or like them.

However, there is a limit, and once it’s crossed, it enters the realm of extreme narcissism. When one shares multiple photos of one’s face from different angles, and when Every. Single. Post is just pictures of that person in various outfits, it becomes kind of clear that he or she is a bit obsessed with him/herself. 


Sometimes it is heartwarming to read a candid, no holds barred post on social media that give you a glimpse at the real person behind the Instagram persona.

However, when sob stories are posted very often, it gets a bit tiring. There are many who will offer sympathy in the comments, but I feel on a public platform, personal life is best not dished out too frequently.

As you can tell from this article, I’m kind of done with the whole influencer trend. 

While some do use their platform and popularity for good causes, like sustainable living and helping small businesses, many just share mindless, repetitive posts that show off their looks, outfits, or lifestyle.

What happened to humility and dignity? Are they not ‘trending’ anymore?

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