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Killing a child who’s suffering to end his pain might sound the “morally” right thing to do or is it just another outlet to show that you’re a coward who can’t provide for your child?

Here are two contrasting opinions from two of our finest bloggers :

“I’d be okay with killing a child when I know he/she is suffering rather than keeping him/her alive for my own selfish reasons.”

~ Yogita Rathore

I am going to base all my arguments keeping in mind that the child is suffering and the doctors have already said that they can’t do anything more to save the baby.

In such a situation, personally, I think I’ll be okay with killing the child. I mean a little child who can be put out of his misery, who is fighting a lost battle just because of your selfish reasons of satisfying yourself is plain absurd.

Just to satisfy your ego that you did everything you could to save the child you’re letting him/her suffer?

And I am not even talking about euthanasia here. Euthanasia as a concept is entirely different from this. What I am trying to say is, out of morality and ethics a child shouldn’t be made to suffer when even the doctors tell you there is no more recourse left.

Killing A Child

And do you even realize how many lives your suffering baby can save? When you know medically, the child can not survive no matter what, in these last moments almost all functional body organs can be donated.

I’d rather let the medical team do the killing and donate organs than to make him/her suffer just so that I can be with the child for a few more hours or days.

I know it’s easier said than done. I also know that a child is not demanding death and isn’t aware that you’re taking away his/her life. But I also understand and respect what the medical professionals say.

Even if you go down in history, there are hardly any instances wherein a doctor advised the killing of a child and the parents refused and later on the baby recovered from illness.

A child doesn’t have the same amount of immunity and metabolism to fight grave diseases and there is no chance of fighting organ failures either; in such a scenario putting the little child to sleep forever is the best thing to do.

And hey, killing your own child in no way makes you a devil. And no, you’re not escaping your responsibilities as a parent. Neither does it make you a coward for not fighting for him/her.

Rather it makes you a mature and logical human that you understand the medical technicalities and understand what is the right thing to do morally.

It also makes you brave as you’re ready to face the consequences and aren’t just keeping the child alive for your fear of guilt and out of other selfish motives.

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“The idea isn’t to be guilt free or to live with the fact that at least you tried. The idea is to show that if you can give birth, then you can have the balls to not be a coward for your offspring.”

~ Sahib Singh

If we simply engage the argument that killing a child in the case of his suffering can be rephrased as putting him out of his misery, you’re probably more high than I’d expect you to be while saying this.

What essentially becomes problematic for me is that when people compare this same activity with the concept of euthanasia.

Now, you dumb-a**es need to realize that euthanasia in layman terms is death BY DEMAND, where the person is AWARE that he’s asking for it.

A child, with no sentient understanding of life and its brutal discourse, DOES NOT EXERCISE THE RIGHT TO ASK FOR HIS DEATH. That’s why killing a child, if not equivalent to murder isn’t equal to euthanasia, either.

Killing A Child Counter View

We need to understand that the idea of suffering and the idea of watching pain manifest in your offspring is PERFECTLY NATURAL. Here, killing a child won’t make you a hero.

The argument of prolonged and shortened suffering sounds absolutely bollocks when the child in question is your own.

When someone says that they can’t watch their child suffer, it’s only their own subconscious cowardice that comes into play when they want to escape the psychological guilt of not being able to do anything for their child.

Killing a child doesn’t make you a savior, it just shows that you’re essentially running away from your basic responsibility by devaluing parenthood.

The task is easier said than done when it’s your own child, like I said. Parenthood doesn’t come easy, we understand that. Suffering isn’t easy to watch, we get that too.

But ending a life to prove a certain point that death would’ve been inevitable anyway is nothing but an act of cowardice, wherein the person blames circumstances and not his own self.

Own up to your responsibilities. We’re already losing a lot of human values in the so-called generation of millennials. Be a sport and don’t glorify killing a child in the name of ending his suffering to overshadow your own naive hatred towards children.

At some point of time, we all face annoying kids but that in no way means that discussing the idea of death to overshadow your cowardice is correct.

I’m fine with the fairy tale idea of spreading the message of love.

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Sources: CNN, Deccan Chronicle, Wikipedia

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