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We all evolve from that curious 15-year-old kid who starts giggling even at that slightest mention of the word “sex” to vibrant young adults. We have all received sex-related gyaan at some point in our lives be it from Netflix movies, shows, textbooks, our “experienced” friends, or the most commonly referred to, porn sites. 

Sex is a never-ending topic of discussion, just when you think you know it all, something new pops up. Along with this comes the risk of false information too. We Indians were never even introduced to the concept of sex education. The most sex ed I ever received was from a class 10 biology book and its most awaited chapter on Reproduction.

Nothing was taught to us about consent, condoms, contraception/birth control pills, ways to have safe sex, STDs and the list can go on and on. My sex ed sucked for a really long time, which made me create absurd theories on sex and intercourse, and with all the taboos associated with it, things just got worse.   

As I never received the talk on birds and bees, I was 100% sure that I would get pregnant by just kissing a guy. Now imagine a 13-14-year-old kid, with hopes of enjoying her teenage life, being scared to death just because she has to tell her parents that she is pregnant. 

And believe me, I am not the only one with this misconception, I have my friends too. I realized that my teen years without an adult to demystify sexuality, was going to be nothing but filled with myths and I would be believing absolutely anything. 

Things like kissing, any form of physical intimacy, or even sex is frowned upon in such a way that anyone will think twice before talking or asking about it. No amount of reproductive system diagrams or complex terminologies can teach us anything about the actual act of sex or pleasure. We just gotta explore!

Well, not to be left alone, we at ED asked a few young adults to share their most weird sex-related misconception or myth they had believed in. 

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Feel free to share your myths and misconceptions too, in the comment section.

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