When Annie Proulx said in the novel Brokeback Mountain

“I wish I knew how to quit you”; I swear I felt it.

Love stories happen either with the miraculous Bollywood style “pehli nazar mei aisa jaadu kar diya” or the gradual walking step by step into the abode of love. But, the closing chapter leaves almost everyone with tear-brimming eyes.

Breakups are not a new phenomenon. At one point or the other, everyone gets a slamming rejection and/or betrayal and/or separation in love. But the similarity ends right there.

Not everyone deals with heartbreak in a similar fashion. While some stay stuck there for ages to come and let their lives move towards ruination, some badass set of people pull up their sleeves and decide to move on and ahead in life.

So, is it really possible to walk out of love or to recover from a breakup?

Yes, 200%.

Sure You Didn’t Confuse An Experience For A Soulmate?

What age are you? Something roughly within the 18-25 bracket right? So how are you so sure that the gentleman/woman who just stirred up a storm in your life and walked past you was your life partner?

The problem with us millennials is that we tend to assume that we have lived life and experienced stuff more than what we actually have had. Given that, losing a couple of lovers seems like THE END of life’s story.

But trust me; life ain’t that simple to terminate with the fall-out of one or two romantic relationships.

And to freak you out more, life is going to be way tougher ahead, with real challenges and tragedies, as compared to which, breakups mightn’t count for tad bit anything.

Life lessons don’t come gift-wrapped in glossy papers. The very people or things you covet would end up hitting you right in the face, so that next time you encounter something or someone like them, you know how to tackle them by the horns and not fall for the alluring exterior.

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You Weren’t Born Just To Be A Lover:

Yes, the person might’ve been the centre of your universe and the apple of your eye, but that doesn’t mean that your life is solely about him or her.

In today’s world, water, food and several other resources (and oxygen too, especially) are scarce. Please make sure you aren’t wasting any of them by being just an aashiq in life.

It’s a big world, a long life and we’re all terribly young, with years lying ahead of us. What use we put our lives to is totally our discretion, whether to keep lamenting about someone and waste our time and energy or to succeed and do something for the world, which already is plagued much by innumerable problems.

It’s Just A 10 Second Decision To Move On:

True that healing after breakups requires time, but that doesn’t mean we take months and years and keep voluntarily conjuring up memories and say “I still can’t move on”.

Moving on is an easy process and just requires will power. It’s up to you to decide that you’ve had enough and you can do better in life than just grieving about someone who left you because someone who left does not deserve to occupy space and matter in your system.

Leaving you with one last hitting thought there:

Their very intent was to damage you beyond repair. Or maybe they didn’t care enough to stay. So by letting yourself be pained for eternity, you are fulfilling their very intent.

Is that what you wish?

Why not surprise them with success, because that would be the last thing they would expect after they put their full-on efforts to pull you down?

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