In a sensational turn of events, Dutee Chand reveals that she too faced bullying at the same hostel in Bhubaneshwar where recently a girl took her own life.

Dutee Chand, one of the best female sprinters in India, has made a shocking admission when she says that her elders at a Bhubaneshwar sports hostel “harassed” and “ripped her to bits.” In Bhubaneshwar, an 18-year-old girl just committed suicide, and Chand stated that she, too, had experienced similar anguish in the past.

The national athlete admitted that she fought and felt powerless as she was urged to “massage their bodies” and forced to “wash their clothing” by her seniors.

It all started when an undergraduate history student by the name of Ruchika Mohanty confessed that she ended her life because she was bullied and harassed by her seniors. It was discovered in the suicide letter of the 18-year-old from Cuttack that she was unable to endure the suffering.

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Dutee Chand made some shocking claims in response to a Facebook user’s article on how to prevent bullying in school. Chand said, “The seniors forced me to massage their bodies and wash their clothes at the hostel. When I opposed them, they harassed me.”

A day after Mohanty committed suicide, Dutee Chand recollected her days in that hostel. She revealed how she had trouble concentrating on sports during the harrowing days because her seniors had started making remarks about her family, which had deteriorated his mental condition.

She also revealed that despite going to the hostel authority for help, there were hardly any improvements. “When I complained to the hostel manager, I was reprimanded. It affected me mentally. I was helpless at that time”, Dutee recollects.

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