The monsoons are finally here and before your sigh of relief is replaced with cries of horror at the melting of your water soluble mascara, we are here to save your day. There is no reason for you to not keep your monsoon fashion game on point.

Here’s how.

1. Flip flops are lifesavers

You might as well bid goodbye to those fancy heels because they will only serve to trip you over face first into that disgusting puddle.

Flip flops come in various styles which some really lively colours and patterns. Moreover, you can even jump around in that puddle and let the child in you resurface wearing these.

2. Raincoats are your second skin this monsoon

Now, before you cringe, let me tell you that the days of boring black raincoats are long gone. Raincoats have been revamped into an entirely new piece of clothing which can be used to make quite a style statement.

You know what’s best about a raincoat? You can wear ANYTHING under it without worrying about it getting wet. So, yeah, don’t put away that halter dress deep inside the closet yet.

3. Waterproof bags

Of course I’m not talking about polythene packets! Handbags and totes made of waterproof material which may or may not be transparent are available everywhere this season.

Go ahead and make your own monsoon fashion statement with these unique bags. The added perk is of course not having to constantly worry about your phone getting wet.

4. Plastic accessories are the shiz this monsoon

Anything plastic is totally in. You could accessorize yourself with chunky plastic bangles and plastic neck pieces. They are plentifully available on any of the online shopping portals.

Tip: buy your fashion accessories now while the stores still have their unbelievable discounts.

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5. Waterproof make up is a must, must, must

If you do not want to look like a weeping Miley Cyrus or worse Lindsay Lohan, do check if your mascara is water based or not. Also, if you are using a make up base, be sure that your foundation is waterproof.

Because, it would be pretty weird if you’re at this sophisticated social gathering and your make up started to peel off like a second skin!

6. Gumboots will make you the ultimate fashionista

Flip flops are okay for casual outings but if you really do have to make a monsoon fashion statement, gumboots are of paramount importance. Gumboots are the perfect accompaniment to a formal occasion and you will find some really classy ones which may even look more attractive than your stilettos.

Also, gumboots are your feet’s bae because nobody takes better care of your feet than a comfortable pair of fashionable gumboots.

Now that you have these things in your wardrobe, you are ready to roll. You are a monsoon fashion diva and nobody can rain on your parade.

Image credits: Google Images

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