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10 Winter Looks For Different Types & Personalities Of Girls


The ‘I travel a lot’ girl

Since you’re always on the go, you must wear clothes that are appropriate for streets, security check-ins, flights and road travel.

Pair a trendy coat with a pair of jeans and a comfortable top of your choice. The perfect footwear for you would be mules, which are backless loafers and perfect for traveling purpose.

The ‘I’ll stay at home because it’s too cold to go out’ girl

Since it’s too cold to go out, sitting on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand, the TV remote in the other and a big bowl of pop corn in your lap is all you have to do, you might as well get in a cute comfortable pair of onesie.

The girl who keeps the squad together

You keep everyone together and you have this charm that attracts others to be your friend. You basically possess all the traits of Taylor Swift, so why not take some dress up inspiration from her?

The outgoing girl


You are friendly and a very down to earth person. Your clothes need to show a statement of social confidence.

The ‘Kardashian’ girl

For all the curvy girls out there, if you want to look fabulous without much effort, pair a simple dress with long coat and you’re good to go!

The fitness freak

It’s never too cold to workout but you gotta look good. Get a cute hoodie and pair it with lowers.

The ‘She could be a model’ girl

Everyday is a ramp walk for you and who would inspire you better than a supermodel herself?

The ‘I need to study’ girl

If you’re the cute nerd, get a cute beanie and sweater and VOILA!

Don’t forget to carry a statement bag.

 The Party animal

You don’t care about the weather. You just care about being at the parties.

You need to look hot but need to protect yourself from the cold…otherwise you will fall sick and miss out on some of the parties that you have to attend. Here’s what your look must comprise. (minus the shades at night, DUH!)

The ‘I only wear black’ girl

Black is your armour. You never get bored of it. It makes you look serious and that’s how you want it to be. Leather Jackets are the perfect statement item for you. Pair them up with black ripped jeans for your dark look.

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