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5 Situations I Wish I had an Alter Ego


When one talks about an alter ego, what is the first thing that comes to mind… of course there is perhaps only one answer: superheroes. Before it became cool or well, before Iron Man to be honest, when all these superheroes had to have these alter egos so that they could live normal lives. But in all fairness though, I can see the appeal of having a secret or another identity, to which you can always turn to whenever you want to.

Taking it to a slightly serious level, alter- egos can present to excellent escape routes for people who in their general personality might want to do certain things but cannot due to several reasons. An alter ego, gives them that path to, sort of, be the person we all wish to be, but cannot be.

Thankfully I found my escape route in books and free travelling of course, but then there are always those time, where I wished I was someone else, or could do something. And in those moments I wish for an alter- ego more than anything.

So here are 6 situations where I wished I had an alter- ego:

  1. When I have a Particularly Irritating Senior:

Don’t you just hate it when you have thssinat irritating senior in college, or work who just struts around in their power and you want nothing more than to take them down a peg or two. Yeah… see, I’m not the only one. Those are the times I wished I had another persona who could kick their butts.

  1. When I see the thing I want to Do but could Never Gain the Courage to:

Whether it is karaoke, or public speaking or imagine one of the many things that you wished you could do, but just.. it sort of freaks you out even thinking about. Those are the time I wished I could just not be me, so that I could do them without prior judgment.

  1. At Parties or Social Gatherings:

Being an introvert with extremely over the top extrovert friends is not easy. That is why I wished I had an alter ego for all the parties and social gatherings….just so I wouldn’t have to suffer through them as myself.

  1. While Messing with Someone:

Oh come on, you all had to see this one coming. You never want to get into trouble while messing with someone. That is where an alter ego comes in. Built in deniability.

  1. To Express Myself More Freely:

This is a slightly serious one, so bear with me. One of the biggest pet peeve of mine are my limitations towards what I can do and cannot do. So having an alter- ego works in well, so that I can just… go away for sometime and let that personality take over and let my creativity flow in away I was too scared of.


Chirali Sharma
Weird. Bookworm. Coffee lover. Fandom expert. Queen of procrastination and as all things go, I'll probably be late to my own funeral. Also, if you're looking for sugar-coated words of happiness and joy in here or my attitude, then stop right there. Raw, direct and brash I am.



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