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ZING+ in exploratory talks with Swiss-based Tech Industry Titan on Establishing Strategic Partnership


ZING+’s plans to further enhance its APP and become a serious competitor to video-sharing APPs like Tik Tok appear to be heating up, with ZING+ confirming reports that it is having early discussions with a leading firm in the tech industry on establishing a strategic partnership.

ZING+ said in a statement that, “both companies were hatching plans to leverage on each other’s strengths to realize greater growth and development”. A ZING+ spokesman further added that, “We are in discussion, things are moving along and everything is looking positive thus far”.

In response to queries for further details on the tech company, ZING+ did not release information beyond the fact that the company is, “a leading Swiss Tech firm, with extensive operations in the fields of DeFi, FinTech and Big Data, particularly arbitrage trading of digital assets”.

Established with the purpose of directly rewarding content creators for their music content by eliminating the many layers of intermediaries, ZING+ allows content creators to truly benefit from the value of their content created. This business model has proven to be a tremendous success and enabled ZING+ to gain a huge database of influencers and users within a relatively short span of time.

ZING+ today can boast of having been downloaded over 4 million times, have almost 1 million Daily Active Users (DAU), over 260 influencers on the platform and partnerships with numerous well-known artistes.

According to industry analysts, any partnership between ZING+ and the tech firm would mark a significant step forward for both parties and would be a win-win situation for both parties. Industry analysts point out that the partnership would most likely involve the Tech firm leveraging on ZING+’s sizeable community and base of users while the ZING+ would benefit from further technical enhancements to the APP.

While details remain scarce at moment, something that we can be sure of is that ZING+ and any potential partner will be able to complement each other and realize significant synergies through their partnership.

A strategic partnership between ZING+ and a leading tech firm would most likely also mean access to funds, resources and cutting-edge technical know-how to enable further expansion and user acquisition by ZING+.

Zing+ Music Technologies Limited, Mr. Kelvin Lee, +8615626646563,


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