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FFA Launches WDX, Setting Its Sight on the Asian Digital Currencies Market


After years of trading different financial products such as indices, futures, forex and options etc, FFA (Financial Fortress Advisor Limited) recently launched its very own Cryptocurrency Exchange, WDX (WeDream Exchange) and firmly set its sight on the Asian Digital Currencies Market.

FFA, a pioneer in the development of digital asset quantitative trading was incorporated 2015 in Labuan, Malaysia. Its global team members include outstanding professionals from well-known companies such as Microsoft, Tencent, CMC Markets, Binance Holdings and Standard Chartered etc, with their business footprints covering the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

After years of developing innovative fin-tech solutions as well as trading strategies for different financial products, FFA successfully developed its very own industry leading digital assets quantitative trading algorithm. This soon led to the creation of WDX, the world’s first cryptocurrency quantitative trading exchange.

The purpose of quantitative trading is to increase the value of the digital assets and provide stable and sustainable returns to its platform users. Quantitative trading technology is an advanced mathematical model analysis that integrates trading strategies (such as Consensus Mechanism and P2P Mechanism) to enhance token values via large-scale consensus trading.

WeDream AI Algorithm System took 2 years of rigorous experimental testing and verification to develop. Its integrated processing capability is able to complete complex logic calculations with real-time automated tracking and analysis of global users’ trading positions, trading characteristics, and trading psychology. The consensus trading mechanism present in the system helps intelligently evaluate market sentiments, coupled with scientific and quantitative analysis of the trading volume at every 24-hour, 168-hour and 720-hour interval. This helps to craft the perfect trading mechanism to determine the most advantageous consensus trading strategy and position by automatically adjusting the volume to sell at each price level.

In short, WeDream AI Algorithm System provides a fair, fast and stable trading environment with no third-party interference of token price. By achieving “consensus” in price protection and harnessing crowd wisdom in price appreciation, WDX can totally eliminate the risk of pump-and-dump schemes.

In the financial market, the biggest winners are often the institutional investors and traders. However, with the emerging of cryptocurrency quantitative trading exchange like WDX, retail investors and traders can gather adhering to the principles of community consensus and fairness, to create a sustainable and profitable trading model.

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