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Want A Personal-Free Of Cost Magazine? Try Flipboard: We Liv’ED It!


Various news apps are day by day filling the memory of our smartphones, but aren’t you bored of these myriad apps with stereotype formats?

I am! Identical formats, identical news, identical pictures are what all news apps are about these days.

In this scenario, Flipboard app comes to our rescue!

Flipboard is like a customized magazine for your personal use. You create your own magazine using topics which you want to follow and that too for free. A free of cost magazine which will be a compilation of all your favourite topics. Wouldn’t that be a delightful treat? Of course, yes!

Flipboard comes as an escape to boring newspaper apps by providing a decorated format with variety of avenues.



Flipboard is a social-network aggregation, magazine-format mobile app localized in more than 20 languages.

Getting started: We at ED thought of installing the app to see how it functions and trust me, for a lazy but keen person like me, it did wonders!

Lie down on your bed.

Take out your phone.

Go to the google playstore.

Don’t think about the pocket :P

And go ahead with the installation.

This is exactly what I did one lazy Sunday morning!


Once the installation was complete, Flipboard welcomed me this way:


I wanted a dish that could give me a combined taste of all flavours! I wanted technology, music, business, entertainment, humour, entrepreneurship, economy etc. all in one!  And I got them on Flipboard.


I chose my favourite topics and thus I created MY MAGAZINE!


To my surprise, I could even save my magazines by signing in with my Facebook or Google ID. So can you, my friends! Once finished with a magazine you can go on to create a new magazine with newer topics.

And if you feel the need to re- read the previous magazine, don’t you worry, because it’s saved for you to read it anytime you feel like! Interesting, isn’t it?



Now here’s a display to the magazine I created with my favourite topics:

This icon shows highlights from everything you are following. And the topics you follow depict real world class publications like The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and Grazia,UK.


Here is an iconic view of all the topics I followed thus giving it a more presentable look!


Not convinced with the highlights alone? Flipboard offers you detailed information on everything. Just click on the highlighted news and the full publication will follow.


Did you ever think that a few clicks would give you the knowledge of the entire world including the things you love that to for free?

Imagination turned into reality here at Flipboard.

Now you must be thinking that why to create a new magazine? Can you not just add topics to your existing one? My dear friends, yes is the answer to your question! Flipboard facilitates adding of new topics in the existing magazine.


All that you share or your friends share on your profile can be viewed here.


Full of amazing stories, photos and videos, your magazine can have some picks too! The publications you actually love can be saved as picks by clicking on the plus sign.

The article on “5 details you shouldn’t give Facebook” caught my eyeballs and it was something I wanted to save separately for future reference. It thus became my pick of the day from the magazine I had created!


My profile at the end of my day with Flipboard was like this:


One lazy Sunday morning ended! I had created my own magazine, I had read through all my favourite topics, I had created a pick, I had a handsome knowledge of things and surprisingly I never got bored in the entire process.

Infact, I enjoyed every bit of it! That’s how Flipboard is.

Liv’ED it Score Card:

Concept 5
User Interface 4
Topic Diversity 4.5

Although Flipboard still lacks a dedicated offline reading support system, it still tops the charts of news reading apps because it is much more than just news reading!

So don’t wait to have this app on your phones or your PCs! It can surely make a difference by adding colour to the world of news!

Signing off.



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