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Stereotyping Different Types Of Characters Found In Every Class


As ‘Mean Girls’ taught us, a classroom is much like an animal kingdom.

Every ‘class’ whether In college or school has almost the same type of characters, the always giggling bunch of people or the always paying attention ones and yet there exist the always seen in class people or the ones hardly seen in the class.

The one with the smelly tiffin or the one playing pranks with everyone, the one throwing paper balls to the one calling him a spoil bratt and paying attention like he would conquer some territory.

Lets have a look at all those serious, funny, annoying, quiet, yes all of them.

The Always ‘Serious’ One

They will be seen sitting on the front bench, each class, everyday, without a fail. Will not leave a moment without an eye contact with the teacher and the teacher also is impressed by their utmost sincerity.

Will get all their books and sit in the front with a concentration strong enough to break a glass.

Way to go ‘not smiling serious guy’.


always strudying

The Joker

There will be an extra exam this semester, whaaaaat? As if we will study and laughs.

The date for project submission is tomorrow, but we will sit and laugh.

We will laugh if somebody falls of his chair, we will laugh if the teacher uses the wrong word or pronunciation, we will sit back and laugh about everything happening around. we will laugh come what may, this one will giggle away to glory and find a way to share a joke or find anything to laugh around with his bunch of jokers, amidst all the crisis situations.

Yes, you can reckon them laughing at somebody’s funeral. Okay, no, a little too much.

always laughing

The Dubious Devil And The Annoying Animal

So the solar system has 9 planets, why does it have 9 and not 10, teacher? Jack had 10 candies and he gave 5 to his sister, but why would anyone give away their candies? Why is the earth round? Why are we called human beings? Why did he do this? What did he get? Where did he go? When did he come?

Calm down little one! All that burden can be harmful for your brain. Yes clarify your doubts but don’t make your existence a doubt.

Yet there are others who will annoy the class and the teacher every bit by not only their not so relevant doubts, but accompanied by their ability to prove that poor teacher wrong, irrespective of however wrong their own facts would be.

always dubious

Latecomer And The Super Early Bird

Yes, both of them exist in every class. The one who reaches minutes before the first class begins to the one who reaches minutes before the first class ends.

The one who comes dressed immaculately and grabbing the desired seat to the always getting late, running and panting to catch the first lecture, tiring enough like a task to catch a train.

From the one sitting for an hour, staring at the one who is allowed to enter and sit for a minute.

always late

Smelly Tiffin And The Foodaholics

Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, what are they feeding you? Yes, the tiffin opens and the aroma of spices in the biryani or the mango pickle or the smelly salad dressing reaches your nostrils, strong enough to wake you up during the History lecture.

Not only do we know the ones spreading their food around, but also the ones who are seen doing nothing except for eating, since the very first class till the last. They leave nobody’s tiffin, they know the specialities of each one’s mother, they will gobble that sandwich, roll and finish the aloo parantha or munch all those chips while learning about the Pythagoras theorem.

How was the movie guys ?

smelly tiffin

The Sleeping Beauty

Go and wash your face, sorry Sir, was partying till late last night, was attending a marriage, I am not well, slept early but still sleepy. Every class has its own sleeping models. Their ability to sleep since morning till the end of the day can be unbelievable.

They can sleep for all lectures at a stretch and wake up in the end with a face not so pleasant; as the alarm bell oh wait, no, the period bell rings.


Technology Addict

Phone buzzing 24/7, super busy souls, business calls? Playing candy crush? Or the car racing? Chatting with friends never thought of outside the boring lectures, or discovering all the features that smart phone is ever equipped with, an hour long class is not enough for all you tech savvy geniuses.

Woah! Top scorer!


Every class is thus full of all kinds of characters, making it like a circus with all those animals still being together, performing together, enjoying together and yes surely bugging the one person teaching there in the front.

Who will we stare at top to bottom, if you don’t enter late, or who should we make fun of, if you don’t ask doubtful doubts, how will the time in the most boring class pass, if you don’t enter into that irrelevant argument with the teacher and how will the sleeping saga end if the smelly cat does not open its smelly tiffin.

#101 perks of being a student.



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