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The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in the Global Financial Market


The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in the Global Financial Market X-TECH Analysis

X-TECH, an American company that specializes in the development and implementation of financial trading strategies, said in an interview on Friday that the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic have reverberated throughout the global financial market this year, causing an unprecedented degree of volatility. While the markets have swung this way and that, The X-TECH team have carefully monitored the situation, constantly increasing and improving upon the sampling rate of market data gathered via artificial intelligence. At present, they are in active communication with several U.S. stock exchanges regarding the possible effects and security risks that AI-powered trading can have on the stock market in the future.

X-TECH is the first technology company out of Texas to have defined the concept of “over-frequency trading”. Since 2015, they have invested nearly $80 million in the field of artificial neural network research and development.  Their R&D programs include AI research bodies in several American universities such as MIT, and also published a critically important set of safety recommendations concerning the future of AI technology for the InnovationXLab summit of 2019.

David J.M., one of X-TECH’s directors of technology, said: “After years of research into artificial neural networks and AI, we have found that they are genuinely and fundamentally changing the structure of all walks of life, and the effects of these changes are absolutely remarkable. As the development of AI moves from relatively simple single automatic calculations of multiple neural nodes to the more developed geometric calculation of aggregated neural nodes, novel security risks unlike anything we’ve ever experienced will likely, if not inevitably, arise in the future. Although it is true that these predictions still fall within the realm of speculation, it is prudent that strategies and plans are developed and implemented well in advance by the industries that affect global markets, especially ones pertaining to the global financial market.

X-TECH stated that they would be formally submitting a detailed market data research to FINRA September of next year.

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