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Six Amazing Things About Lazy Summer Holidays



Summer holidays and laziness are synonymous, that is why we so often reminisce about our ‘lazy summers’, that whirl past so quickly, in a flurry of inactivity. We sleep, we bumble around doing very little, content and oblivious in the temporary cocoon of inertia, with no deadlines and work to worry about. To a great extent, all of us, whether we are still fortunate enough to experience those lazy summers, or whether we have left those days far behind, associate them with the following-

1) Daydreaming

All those fantasies and scenarios that we have concocted- from becoming a famous actor, sportsperson, rock star, pop star to holding deep conversations with the people we most want to impress, from a perfect day out with our latest crush to imagining a peaceful serene life in the countryside- we have warped our head around all sorts of daydreams…and loved it! The image below depicts all the more reasons to happily indulge in wishful thinking-



2) Reading

Making a list of all the novels that we want to read during the summers, laying on the bed all day long, immersed in some of the best reads remains a particularly anticipated part of the summers for many. Even though I am not much of a fan of classics, many people believe that summer holidays remain the best times to set down to read a collection of classics.

3) Watching re runs of our favourite TV shows and movie marathons

All of us do this- we watch repeats of our favourite TV series’ episodes multiple times. There are also the movie marathons- the perfect time to satiate movie buffs and catch up on that long ignored list of movies we have been itching to watch.

4) Planning to take up a hobby

Yes, we have a lot of plans before the holidays start, and many-a-time, these plans include learning a new skill, maybe a new language, or simply honing a hobby, such as guitar lessons. For those who dream big, maybe writing a novel or researching on a topic. But more often than not, we end up abandoning these tasks midway, or we don’t begin with them in the first place. Hobby abandoning is typical; my guess is that the sloth really gets to us!

5) Sleeping

Sleep in the morning, sleep in the afternoon and throughout the day. We turn into owls-almost, as far as our sleeping patterns go- staying awake well into the night, getting up obscenely late and even then happily willing ourselves to sleep at any time of the day.


6) Hanging out with friends

One of the best respites from the alarmingly hot temperature is hanging out with buddies at home, with the AC switched on, sipping cold coffee/iced tea/lemonade and engaging in some stimulating conversation, or simply stretching out on the bed, everybody doing their own thing.


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