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Parent Workshops For Class 10th And 12th In Delhi Govt. Schools To Focus On The Real Issues


It seems as if the Delhi government is not just focused on the primary education but is also working to better the senior section along with everything.

Up until now, there has been a lot of chatter about how the Delhi government is changing the scene of primary education in the capital, especially for the government schools.

With new buildings, better-equipped staff and focus on quality of education increased, slowly there has been a gradual attempt at changing the way people look at government schools and what all they offer.

But now, it seems as if the AAP government is looking beyond the primary sector and setting their sights on improving the secondary and senior secondary areas.

In a statement released a few days back, the Delhi government has stated that from November 15thparent workshops’ will start in about 50 of the government schools across Delhi.

The workshops are said to be for the parents of students who will be entering class 10th and 12th and will have their Board Examinations to look forward to.

parent workshops

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What Will These Workshops Deal With?

The workshops said to be held in the evenings, are mostly geared towards helping and making the parents be better prepared for these important academic years of a student’s life.

In a statement, Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister was quoted as saying that,

“The involvement of parents in the education of children makes a significant difference to their performance. Our government has worked on many fronts like improving school infrastructure and upgrading the quality of the classroom experience. The ‘Parent Workshops’ are aimed at working with parents to help create the right kind of environment even in children’s homes, especially for children studying in Classes of 10 and 12. Parents will be sensitized on how to play a supportive role.”

The entire aim of these workshops is to make the parents understand what kind of stress and pressure the students go through during these 2 crucial years and how appearing for board examinations is no small thing.

However, these workshops for the moment have been said to be entirely voluntary and are not mandatory to be attended.

Why Are These Workshops So Important?

These workshops could be extremely important and if done in the correct manner truly allow parents to take a peek at what exactly students of class 10th and 12th have to go through.

Many times it appears, parents forget that their children are not machines that will dole out perfect marks and that competition is only rising with every passing year.

It is understandable that parents want their kids to do well in examinations and have a good future, however, the process could be made much smoother if the parents themselves were able to understand what the student is going through.

A good step would be to acquaint parents with the syllabus that children have to study, of all the subjects, and guide them on how to help their child cope with it.

Simple techniques to show support and understanding can go a long way to soothing the student and help them perform better in these exams.

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