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Is ‘Natural’ & ‘Organic’ The Same Thing? No. We Tell You How


Is ‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ the same thing? Answer in one word – NO!

For quite some time, there has been a massive change in the eating habits and thinking of the people when it comes to food. Everyone wants to eat HEALTHY. There has been a sudden boom of natural and organic products. Nobody wants to have food items which are made up of artificial ingredients.

People these days surely want to splurge their money on the healthiest of products.

But is Natural same as Organic?

A lot of people think that there is no difference between these two. But, it is not true. Now you must be thinking what the difference between the two is! Well, let’s give you the answers to see a bigger picture in a great detail.


What ‘Organic Products’ promise you –

Organic food and products are healthiest products available in the market as they are grown without the use of toxic chemicals, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides (which some occasional exceptions), antibiotics, genetic engineering or growth hormones.

Moreover, Organic food is produced and manufactured using organic means defined by certified bodies.
Natural-vs-organic-whats-the-differenceWhat ‘Natural Products’ promise you –

These are the food items which are not altered chemically. That is, a food item labelled ‘natural’ contains fewer preservatives and chemicals than other processed food items. But, there is no legal supervision on them like it is there on organic products.

organic vs natural

The basic difference –

For those of you who think natural and organic are more or less the same thing and one can be bought in place of the other, let me tell you, there is a huge difference between the two!
Organic products are free of any toxic substance, chemicals, fertilizers etc. while natural products don’t promise you any such thing.

Organic products are always supervised by certified bodies and work under specific standards. On the other hand, natural products have no certified body.

However, natural products are still safer and healthier than the conventional products.

For example, there are two kinds of apples- one is natural, that is, one which is grown in normal conditions. They are sprayed with essential fertilizers although in lesser quantities than other chemical items. And the other ones are organic, which will have none of these toxic substances but will obviously be more expensive.

Keeping all these factors in mind, each consumer has its own preference as to which product, s/he wants to go for.


Food Demand –

The demand for Organic Food is more than the demand for Natural Food simply because people want to go for the healthiest thing available in the market. However, the market for Natural Products is surely increasing day by day. But as of now, people want to blow their money on Organic Food or Products.
The organic products have more demand, because –

1)They are healthier since they are chemical free.

2)They conserve the environment in many ways.3)Some people find it

3)Some people find it tastier than natural or conventional because nourished, well-balanced soil produces healthy, strong plants.

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Health Benefits –

Different people have different choices when it comes to Organic and Natural food items.

Some people prefer Organic Food because of one main reason – they are chemical free. However, there is no proof that Organic Food is healthier than Non-Organic Food but still, people wish to go for it because of the simple reason that they find it safer and salubrious.

Now, if we talk about Natural Products or Food, some people do prefer natural food because they think that excessive processing of food items can disturb the complete health benefits.

It is said, Organic food items have more antioxidants which reduce heart diseases and chances of developing cancer. Whereas, natural products contain preservatives which will make the item last longer. That is, the natural products will have a longer shelf life. Also, as compared to the conventional items, natural products will have very less toxic chemicals.

Read labels –

Reading labels is extremely important as the label tells whether a product is organic or natural. We all should form a habit of reading labels as it tells us about the ingredients used in the product and how healthy the thing is.
If the product is organic, the label will also tell you about the certified body.

organic vs natural
Image Source: US Media House

Every single person has a specific choice. Some find Natural Products to be healthier while some find Organic Products to be healthier. The choice is yours!
But, knowing the difference between the two is really important because you should obviously know what you’re eating.

Eat healthy, be healthy!


Image Credits: Google and US Media House

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