My Travel Diary Of The ‘Kangaroos ‘& The ‘Kiwis’ – Liv’Ed It

By Aarushi Jain

So I just got back from these 2 amazing places and had so much to share. Where better than on ED…here it goes…

The irony is that though Australia is known to be the ‘Land Of The Kangaroos’ (the cute creatures with their baby pouches), but spotting a Kangaroo is surely a Herculean task here, definitely not as easy as spotting a buffalo here in India. New Zealand is known as ‘The Adventure Capital Of The World’, yes all you crazy people who love travel coupled with some enthralling experiences, this is the place for you.

A sneak peak into what these countries with beautiful sights, friendly people and great travellers have –


One of the most tourist friendly cities in the world, yes ‘Melbourne’ it is. The city has a perfectly connected network of FREE tram service for all, yeah you hear me right, free public transport for everyone and everywhere. People are extremely friendly, including a population of a large number of youngsters who study in the best universities throughout the city. Having the Victorian era influence, you can enjoy pretty Victorian Cafés at every nook and corner of the city and guess what, free wifi almost wherever you go.

The Victorian market having all kinds of scrumptious bakery products, breads, pastries, boutiques is an old style ancient shopping place, puts you into deep imagination of affluent women in the Victorian Era shopping around in their perfectly designed gowns. And the surprise element for you Bollywood freaks out there, the wondrous Great Ocean Drive where a plethora of movies like Salaam Namaste, Bachna Ae Haseeno, etc have been shot.



You hear Gold Coast and the first thing is that beach music that plays in the mind with images of people sun bathing. Yes, the land of beaches, beaches and more beaches. With a pleasant weather, it is the destination for all you water creatures and definitely a paradise for surfers. With a large number of water worlds and like activities, one of the breathtaking experiences here is the whale watching tour, oh yes, they guarantee you some quality time with these ferocious killer whales.



Having visited this serene, mesmerizing and phenomenal city twice, I can very well call it the prettiest place on Earth, surrounded by snow mountains, beautiful lake and the greenery that is endless.


A must visit during the Winter Festival, making it the focal point of adventure sports like the Shotover Jet, which is an ultra-fast speedboat whipping amidst hilly terrains and shallow water, leaving you all wet and wild. During the winter months, it is a delight for all snow lovers with the entire picturesque covered in white. Not to forget the spectacular Milford Sound, carved by the glaciers during the ice ages, leaving you wonder that such a magical place actually exists. The small city with a population of 16000 people, has the most famous burger place in the entire New Zealand, ‘Fergburger’, braving through long queues for gigantic burgers, it is literally a sin to not eat here when in Queenstown.


So in the end, it was one of those vacations with a taste of all varied activities, sights and yes the weather definitely. A sudden shift from the beaches straight to the snowy mountains, the sunny afternoons of the Metropolitan, all amalgamated into one.

TRAVEL ‘longer’ (yes that sinking feeling when those vacations are ending) and ‘Better'(‘Quality’ life is this and I like it like this (okay, kidding, enough of Harvey Specter).


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