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This World Mental Health Day Let Us Not Use ‘We Are Depressed’ As An Excuse When Life Gets Difficult


Mental health.

These two words are more stigmatised than we can imagine.

In a country like India especially, the very mention of any mental issue or problem is straight away taken as proof of the fact that the person is just plain mad and should be put in a mental asylum.

Our Bollywood and television industries have also not done this sector any favour, and in fact only made people more fearful of this topics.

Well, this world mental health day, I would like to point your attention to two points that I am trying to make with this article.



One is that mental health is just as important as physical health, both of them go hand in hand, and either one can severely affect the other.

And two is more of an opposite viewpoint but recently the more aware that people are becoming of such issues, the more they are using it as a crutch or an excuse to explain away their actions.

Now, I would like to clarify right now only, that I do not mean any kind of disrespect to the people who are actually suffering from such conditions and my deepest sympathies with you. My intention is not to say that every person is lying if they say that they have mental health problems, but I want to bring to light the people who use such topics as an excuse and thus trivialise it for the entire world.

Mental Health Problems Take Immense Bravery And Courage To Admit To:

First off, I would like to bring focus to the fact of how much courage and will it must take for anyone to come out as having mental health problems.

Deepika Padukone, who came out, as having depression, was perhaps one of the first few actors who actually admitted it, in front of the media, knowing full well that the entire country will be privy to this. But she came out and admitted it, and it prompted other actors too, either stand in support of her and acknowledge mental health or reveal their own hidden issues.

It truly enrages me when people are dismissive of mental health, as if it does not mean anything, and is not worth any time.

And even if one does come to the conclusion that they have some kind of problem, still going to a psychologist or therapist is completely out of the question.

‘Log kya kahenge?’ and more are sentences that one has to hear.

Pray do tell, if you were suffering from an illness, like jaundice or cancer, would you not go see a doctor, to get it treated?

Then why is going to a psychologist seen as the end of the world and shameful thing?


We live in such a modern world, use the latest technology, then I believe it is high time, that we start to accept that mental health matters and getting help for it is not a wrong thing.

Now Don’t Go Around Using ‘I Am Depressed’ As A Crutch:

Again, I would like to iterate that I do not mean to be insensitive to those who are actually suffering from mental health problems.

But I have seen a great increase in people, especially the young generation having no qualms about using mental health issues to explain away their actions.

Yeah, I know how this sounds, first I was talking about how stigmatised mental health is, and now I am saying that young people are using it too much.

But weird as it might sound, youngsters, more so from metro cities, rural areas do not have such cases, but big city kids are quite happy to use these issues for their own benefit.

The sad thing here is that they might not even know how severe of an issue they are talking of might be, or what exactly does it do to a person.

Still, just because they know of the term and know the basic definition of it, they self-psychoanalyze themselves and diagnose a certain issue onto them.

Which, as much as stigmatizing mental health is wrong, then this kind of self diagnosis is even worse.

As it trivializes the actual issue and makes it even more difficult for a person who is actually suffering through such a problem to come out and try to take help for it.

Please guys, stop this, you are not doing anyone least of all yourself any favours by doing this.

Signing off, I would just like to say that where we need to normalize mental health, we should also be prepared for the ignorant usage of these issues and try to combat them with knowledge and awareness.

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Chirali Sharma
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