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Kapil Sharma and Irrfan Khan: Misusing Their Celebrity Status Or Being Harassed For It


Recently, popular comedian Kapil Sharma, tweeted a few choice words against Modi, his government and how bribery and corruption is still rampant in his regime.

Now, fast forward to a couple of days later, and suddenly, out of the blue, there is an FIR registered against him for illegal extension in his Goregaon flat.

Along with Sharma, Irrfan Khan too has been named in this FIR and both will probably be called in for questioning, and there are also rumours that if convicted, then both could face jail time going up to 3 years.


The case that has been registered by BMC officials was filed because they found the two celebrities to be in violation of the MRTP (Maharashtra Regional Town Planning) Act.

BMC on investigation has said to have found violations of a major variety in about 15 flats in the Goregoan high-rise. And it is because of this, that these people thought that the wrong doers should be brought to justice.

Aahh… that is such a nice statement, no?

Civil servants doing their job and not being concerned whether one is a celebrity or not, is always so good to see.

But I cannot help but find it fishy, that this comes so close to the heels of Kapil Sharma calling out our Prime Minister Narendra Modi for still have bribery occurring in this government.

I mean, so soon after this incident and suddenly, Sharma is filed for doing something illegal.

There are reasons why I am so sceptical of this whole case, the first being that, if Sharma truly was doing something illegal and had such kind of constructions in his house, then why would he bring so much attention to himself by calling out Modi on the topic of corruption?

I am not saying that Sharma has not done anything wrong, he very well could have and just been too idiotic to make such a big spectacle of being anti- bribery.

But the entire timing of this case is quite sketchy and does not seem to be resting well with me.

Also, Irrfan Khan has been roped into all this, which just seems like these people were out to get Kapil Sharma and decided to add a few more names to make it seem not so suspicious.

Again, just conjecture on my part, as nothing has been proven yet.

But I can’t help but reflect to the fact of how much of this case is actual truth and the need to curb people going against the law, and how much is just harassment of celebrities based on their status and popularity.

Signing off, I would just like to say that maybe Irrfan Khan and Kapil Sharma have done something wrong or maybe they haven’t. But I would just hope that this does not boil down to just simple harassment of public personalities and because people know their names.

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