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Jewellery and the Indian Man: A Rising & Promising Trend


The very idea of jewellery always invokes the image of a fashionable woman adorned with all things lustrous. Right? Not anymore. The winds have changed and brought in a generation of gentlemen who are perfectly comfortable with sporting jewellery. Even though society at large may not be so close to achieving gender equality just yet, the fashion scene is definitely breaking the mould of gendered stereotypes and prejudices!

Thanks to the liberal and progressive outlooks of the fashion industry, urban men are increasingly accepting jewellery as an integral part of their ensembles. Subsequently, the market for male jewellery has grown by leaps and bounds. As a result, Jewellers in Delhi like Hazoorilal Legacy are coming out with exquisite masculine designs to cater to the growing demand.

Urbanisation, globalisation and the movement of ideas across boundaries both literal and metaphorical have allowed Indian men to break out of the shackles of gendered social constructs to wear jewellery without judgment or anxiety. The changing fashion landscape is an inspiration to the world to embrace progressive ideas and evolving patterns of behaviour.

In the west, the movement towards men’s jewellery has been on for decades, now having reached a point where men are sporting more daring and bold trends like chunky jewellery with elaborate craftsmanship and experimental designs. Closer to home, such radical developments are yet to be witnessed. Indian men might yet be at par with their western counterparts, but they are assuredly warming up to the idea of wearing jewellery.

Jewellery that Indian men have taken to include rings, earrings, bangles, necklaces and cuff links. Simple, masculine designs have been the trend in the Indian market. Precious metals used in men’s jewellery include gold, silver, white gold and platinum. You’ll find many stunning specimens at the showrooms of top Jewellers In Delhi such as Hazoorilal Legacy, labels that always pushed for men’s jewellery to breach new bound.

One item of jewellery that men have worn since time immemorial is the wedding ring. Meaningful jewellery with symbolism has always formed the crux of men’s jewellery. Here’s a white gold ring with in-set brilliant cut diamonds that encapsulates the simplicity in design and distinctive masculine craftsmanship of men’s jewellery:


Another trend sweeping the men’s jewellery industry is the elevated design seen in this ring:


Set in yellow gold, the large solitaire adds a bolder statement to the piece. Basic design with minimal complexity is the key to cracking men’s jewellery that’s considered easily wearable.

While rings can work for day-to-day styles, there are some occasions that demand more elaborate designs. Formal functions, weddings, festivities give us a reason to deck up and celebrate –and the 21st century Indian man is more than willing to add a dash of jewellery to the festive ensemble!

Plain gold, white gold or platinum cufflinks crafted in distinct shapes are a classic choice. On the other hand, bejewelled pieces add more daring sheen to the mix. And a man in jewels does indeed reflect a dashing figure cut! While cufflinks work for western formals, the Indian equivalent is the ‘bandh gala button’. Essentially, these are precious metal and gem buttons sewn onto ethnic jackets. With bandh gala buttons, there’s a little more room for experimentation in terms of design. You can instantly up the style of your traditional ensemble with buttons like these:


For the gentleman who’s willing to go the extra mile with jewellery, an elaborate traditional headgear can work wonders. A captivating creation like this diamond and emerald encrusted traditional headgear would be a winning addition to any festive ensemble:


How many of these do you think you can pull off, guys? Have you joined the league of the progressive, pro-fashion 21st century Indian men?


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