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International Award-Winning Author Renaee Smith Launches Entertaining and Informative Children’s Book Series


Renaee Smith, prolific author of the Freddie series, is pleased to present a series containing four of her celebrated children’s books in a single collection. With stunning full-color illustrations and educational messages that will inspire young readers, Smith’s work is an engaging way to teach children about their own power as agents of change.

This 4-part series is the perfect way to experience the series as a whole and follow Freddie’s adventures in different environments and situations. In the first book, The Great Compost Heap, Freddie introduces the concept of recycling. Next, in Freddie’s First Race, he learns to follow his dreams of being a track star by putting in the hard work. Smith’s series also covers important interpersonal concepts like empathy for others in Freddie’s Good Deed and spending time with family in Freddie Goes to the Beach.

As an author, Smith draws upon her experiences as a mother of three to create entertaining, informative books for children ages 6-12. She believes that children have the capacity to make an enormous difference in the world around them. The Freddie series satisfies readers’ curiosity about their surroundings while encouraging them to step outside their comfort zones and consider new perspectives while going about their daily lives. For instance, The Great Compost Heap can be used to inculcate or reinforce the concept of recycling, using kitchen and garden waste in line with Earth Day.

Reviewers praise Smith’s work as uplifting and a “great way to bring a community together.” Not only does the Freddie series teach about unity, but it also promotes selflessness, environmental responsibility, and perseverance. Coupled with charming plots and relatable characters, these wholesome themes will delight parents and children alike.

Renaee Smith is an international award-winning author, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. After her upbringing in Montego Bay, Jamaica, she published several cookbooks to great acclaim, including Memba When, the recipient of the Best First Cookbook for Jamaica from the 2014 Gourmand Cookbook Awards. She is the founder of the non-profit Independent Authors Book Experience, LLC as well as the publishing company Independent Authors Publications. She lives and writes in New Jersey with her spouse and their three boys. She can be found online at

The Freddie series is available for purchase on Amazon and at the author’s website



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