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Indians Beat Americans In This Sphere For The First Time In 80 Years

For the first time since the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test was introduced in 1936, more Indians took the  exam than American students in 2022-23, according to a report released on Friday. 

The data in the report says that 113,304 Indians took the test in June-July in 2022-23, followed by 97,676 Americans and 57,769 Chinese.

Why Is There A Surge In Indians Sitting For GRE?

GRE is a standardised exam which tests critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal reasoning skills and quantitative aptitude of students who wish to take admission to colleges in the US or other countries.

The report has highlighted that the number of US citizens who took this test has fallen 61 per cent from 250,274 in 2019-20, while, at the same time, the number of Indians appearing for GRE has jumped 62 per cent from 69,835.

One of the main reasons for this surge in the number of Indians taking this test is the acceptance of GRE score in over 100 Business schools in the US.

Institutions around the world and especially in the US have always taken GRE scores as an indicator of readiness for advanced studies,” said Manisha Zaveri, joint managing director at Career Mosaic, which is an education agency that helps students to apply to study abroad. 

Another reason is the rising interest of Indians in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) discipline. Among the GRE-takers, the most in-demand subject was physical sciences followed by engineering.

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What Is It So Luring About The GRE Test?

The brownie point is the GRE test offers is more flexibility as its scores are valid for five years. During these years, a candidate can decide if they want to study in India or abroad.

In a report by The Economic Times (ET), Amit Sevak, chief executive of Education Testing Service (ETS),  a non-profit education testing and assessment organisation which conducts GRE, said that this shows the demand for the test is growing among Indians. “This is the first time in the more than 80-year history of the GRE that a country outside of the US has more test-takers,” he added.

Moreover, the report also highlighted that the highest number of Indians prefer to study in the southern (24%)  and western (23%) regions of the US. After USA, Canada (11%) and Western Europe (10%) are more sought-after destinations.

What Are The GRE Scores Like In India?

The ET report said that as per ETS, the number of higher education institutions including management schools, even in India accepting GRE scores has increased.

Sevak also told ET that the focus has shifted to study in India with more international students coming to the country which will help globalise Indian higher education.

As per the GRE test taker report, in 2022, the number of Indian test takers was 1,14,647. However, the US out stood India then with 1,24,151 examinees.

Moreover, in June last year, ETS announced that the duration of the GRE general test will be reduced to two hours. A slew of changes were also introduced in the number of questions, sections and declaration of results.

In 2022, when ETS appointed its new global chief security officer, Wallace Dalrymple, he also said that India is his top priority. “One factor is the growth of the number of test-takers in India which is a top priority and also because India takes test assessment so seriously,” he said.

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