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“Sorry Mumma Papa, I Can’t Do JEE,” Moving Suicide Note By Second Teen This Year

An 18-year-old JEE aspirant died by suicide in Rajasthan’s Kota, leaving a suicide note for her parents stating that she could not do JEE. This is the second suicide case in Kota in nearly a week and overall this year.

What Happened? 

This incident took place on January 29, two days before the JEE examination, scheduled to be held on January 31. The victim, Niharika, was appearing for JEE Mains and was unable to cope with the pressure.

She hanged herself in the room of her house in the Shiksha Nagri area of Kota. She called herself “the worst daughter” and said it was “her last option”, in the suicide note that was recovered by the police. 

“Mummy and Papa, I can’t do JEE. So, I am committing suicide. I am a loser. I am the reason. I am the worst daughter. Sorry, Mummy and Papa. This is the last option,” read the note.

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Have Such Incidents Taken Place Recently? 

On January 23, Mohammad Zaid, a student from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh who was appearing for NEET through private coaching in Kota, also committed suicide. He was found hanging in his room; no suicide note was found in connection with the incident.

This incident, a second of its kind, has cast a somber shadow over Kota, the city known for its rigorous coaching institutes. 29 suicide incidents were reported in Kota in 2023. 

Why Is There A Surge In Such Cases?

Kota’s reputation as a premier destination for students aiming to crack entrance exams like JEE and NEET is well-established. Each year, thousands of aspirants come to the city, driven by dreams of securing a place in good engineering and medical colleges.

However, beneath the surface of this educational mecca lies a distressing trend of student suicide due to a plethora of factors including parental pressure, intense competition, and a relentless academic grind. 

These incidents underscore the alarming mental health crisis among the student population. Reports show that nearly three in ten students feel their mental health has deteriorated since starting coaching classes, with more than 40% experiencing increased fatigue.

Feelings of nervousness, anxiety and panic attacks, loneliness, and depression are on the rise, painting a concerning picture of the emotional toll exacted by the pursuit of academic success.

Authorities have tried intervening by reaching out to parents to highlight potential signs of depression and stress in their children. However, most of the time, many parents remain in denial, unwilling to accept that their child might be struggling or that a career in engineering or medicine isn’t the only path to success.

The prevailing ‘no turning back’ stance adopted by many parents leaves students feeling trapped and without options.

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