Since the creation of the first Lego blocks in 1949, Lego opened a door to a world of infinite possibilities.

What was first sold as premeditated parts for a defined set for structures or vehicles was explored further by the irrepressible imagination of kids and adults alike.

People started creating new and unique structures, imitating real life things as well as creating new things out of imagination.

Lego has moved on from being just a mere toy and has definitely become an accessory to a whole new art form.

The Lego structures which are being built for the exhibition are just taking this art form to a whole new level. The most recent being a working life-sized Bugatti Chiron. Yes! A working Lego car with an engine made out of Lego too.

Here are five of the most complex, breath-taking and the coolest Lego structures and models built yet.

1.  The 42038 Lego Bugatti Chiron

2. The Lego Batmobile

3. Lego Lochness Monster

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4. Lego Pharoah

5. The Lego Batarang

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Speckyboy, Creativebloq, Hongkiat + more

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