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Has The RSS Lost Its Way?


The RSS has been playing an important role in Indian Politics and it is widely known and accepted that it influences a lot of decisions of the BJP, be it for national or self-interests.


The RSS is criticized in the media for always advocating its principles on the people of India but the good deeds of it are often hidden.

With a presence in over 50,000 villages and towns, it is probably the biggest NGO in the world. Whosoever wants can join a ‘Shakha’, which is the basic unit and activity of RSS.

Seva Bharati, an RSS  community organization, has adopted around hundred children from the affected regions of Jammu and Kashmir and caters to them.


The RSS took the lead regarding voluntary work during the India- China war and  Jawaharlal Nehru even invited them to take part in the Republic Day parade of 1963.

Thy helped a lot during the Uttarakhand floods and their contribution in such a dire situation was praiseworthy.

But the problem that has arisen is that RSS has started influencing the political discourse a lot as well which wasn’t meant to be it’s objective in the first place.


RSS’s  takeover bid started in real earnest in 2005, following Mr. Advani’s praise of Mohammad Ali Jinnah on his visit to Pakistan. It ordered Mr. Advani’s  removal from the presidentship and though he did become the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate in 2009, his special place in the Sangh was lost forever.

Advani explicitly mentioned that the perception that any decision of BJP could be overruled by the RSS will do no good either to the Party or to the RSS. The RSS will instead dwarf its greater mission of man-making and nation-building.


It is known in the public forum that Advani was against Modi’s prime ministerial candidature but the RSS overruled him and the rest is history. All of us are also aware of the fact that many decisions of Modi are directly in link with RSS’s wishes which many a time has invited trouble for him and for the nation as a whole.

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In 1949, the RSS’s undertaking to Patel to write a constitution, explicitly specify that the Sangh had no politics and would remain devoted purely to cultural work.  A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then and we know the power that RSS wields in Indian Politics today.

RSS has somehow forgotten it’s basic purpose along the way. It’s a great organization built on noble ideas and has done commendable work but it’s high time for them to go back to the drawing board.

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