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Breakfast Babble: How It Feels To Be A Part Of Cultural Society In Delhi University?

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When I made it into Shri Ram College of Commerce, I was overjoyed and thrilled for my college roller-coaster journey. I was more than excited to become a part of its societies because SRCC is most renowned for its cut-offs and much talked about societies.

I personally applied for around 7-8 societies and got into five. But the society to which I really wanted to dedicate my time was “Panache“, the western dance society of SRCC. Being a dance aspirant from childhood, getting selected in the dance society cheered me up to another level.

Outside Fanciful: Inside Fatiguing

For a layman, the activities of the society may look very intriguing but one has to be diligent and striving to accomplish goals of the society. The most troublesome period was a daily two-hour workout and four-hour practice.

The first month was extremely painful. In the first week after each workout session, we couldn’t feel our arms and legs. Aching joints and muscles became the new normal for us.

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Seniors were very helpful and mentored us amicably and with earnestness. However, group-ism is the dark side of the society culture in DU. We felt some kind of bias in the society when seniors got inclined toward certain members.

Later many members left the society due to many reasons and only some of us pulled up the work of the society, attended competitions, collected funds for the society, and organized our annual cultural event with our seniors.

Prior to the event, we were very distressed as we had to do pitching for sponsorship from morning to evening continually. Seniors were also very strict and yelled at us for minute mistakes. But we knew that it was necessary and that seniors were working arduously because we had to pull off the biggest dance event in DU (which didn’t happen due to the on-going pandemic).

When Society Turns Out As Your Second Home

I am very thankful to our seniors for teaching me how to remain serene when things don’t work in our favour. They treated us like their friends and never made use of their superiority. Their support made me more confident and sanguine. I had always been scared by the idea of performing in front of an audience but now I can boldly express myself through dance.

We are now a family as this society gave me friends for a lifetime. From sharing food to sharing the stage, we did everything together. We underwent an amazing outstation journey and became more fierce and stronger as a team. And that’s how Panache became my second home.

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