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Indian Reporter Goes Viral For Her Hilariously Weird Coverage Of Ukraine-Russia War

The Ukraine-Russia war is still ongoing, even after two months in, there doesn’t seem to be a stop coming with Russia constantly refusing to back down, Ukraine holding up its own front, refusing to surrender and the other countries and UN just doing a waiting game of what happens next.

In the meantime, Ukraine is being torn apart by the Russian military and soldiers, the people of the country are either escaping and becoming refugees in a foreign country or staying in their homes hoping that the war will end soon.

Satellite images, media reports and social media just show a grim and bleak Ukraine, with empty streets and buildings, increasing casualties, military vehicles running on the roads and more.

Reporters from around the world are putting their lives at risk while trying to show what is happening in Ukraine and making sure that the voices of the Ukrainian people reach outside of the country.

In the midst of all this, an Indian reporter started to trend for their extremely weird and bizarre style of covering the war from the ground level.

What Is The Indian Reporter Doing?

A news anchor from Republic Bharat, Shazia Nisar, who is currently in Ukraine and reporting on the war was found to be reporting in an extremely bizarre way. A video of hers has gone viral where she is seen making dramatic gestures, rapping (?) or at least trying to, and overall being over the top and non-serious in every way.

The internet quickly took note of this, with many choosing to troll the reporter for being insensitive and trying to sensationalise on this kind of topic while being in the middle of a war zone.

Along with the jokes, some also commented on how this just shows the degrading quality of journalism in today’s time where sensitivity and integrity towards the topic is lost all just to as commercialised and sensational as one can get.


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What do you think… was this a good way of reporting? Let us know in the comments below.

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