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Why Do I Yo Yo With Honey Singh



Night club mai aaya, mai toh

Mujhko rokega kon aur kaiko

Maira mood mai dance karega

Kisika daddy sai ni darega


Jisko jo bi hai wo karna wo kar lo

Idhar hi hoon mai khada pakad lo

Ghar pe jaake tum Google kar lo

Mere bare me Wikipedia pe padh lo

Apt for the person who grew from being a non entity to the betaj badshah in his field – Hirdesh Singh from Hoshiarpur, best known as Yo Yo Honey Singh!

yo yo honey singh

I am not really a rap person. Nor do I understand Punjabi language. And I have no liking for Mr. Yo Yo Honey Singh as his “music” is nothing that I can understand. The lyrics give a real insight into the alcohol and drug intake capacity, chaar bottal vodka, ek Patiala aur pilado, weed pila de sajna and his love for the colourfull world created by God Almighty, Blue eyes, aj blue hai pani pani, brown rang… his understanding of the women population of the world, marjani paundi bhangra angreji beat te, ban mitra di whore, I mean mitra di ho, tennu yaar bathere, dhoyegi tu kachche aur gande bartan, itti sit u hai ni hai aafat macha rakhi hai. The immense worshipping of Jatt Soorme, Goliyan and yaaron de yaar. And the self love which cannot be ignored, Fir yo yo honey yo yo honey singh hi tu gaayegi. And ofcourse, the latest

Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Eazy-E

Bollywood mein nahin Hip Hop mein tarjeeh

Hip Hop ki samajh mere DNA mein thi

I’m feeling so high, Baby so stress free


Chocolate na hoti to phir socho kaisa hota

Bournvita na hota to phir doodh ka kya hota

Socho Honey Singh hi agar paida hua na hota

Toh phir music industry ka revolution hi nahi hota

That makes so much sense, doesn’t it!

Oh! How I would love to keep this “Things I Hate About You” list going!

With the music “inspired” from angrejji shtyle gaane and the lyrics having nothing to do with rhyme or rhythm, I find no reason to like him. (yaya! All the yo yo fans, hate me later. For now continue with the reading).

Still, every party I go to, every club or sangeet ceremony, Yo Yo is played on popular demand and the party goes crazy to the groovy beats and desi raps. I am not contradicting myself here. I still do not like the person. But yes, there’s no denying the fact that his songs bring life to the party scene. And I am always the first one to hit the dance floor with his beats! Ironical? No, simply confusing and amusing! What is it about him that makes his hateful songs so groovy that everybody would want to lungi dance to the angrejji beat? Is it a fact that he remains humble and connected with his fans as opposed to other stars of his league? Is it the swag or lingo he uses in his songs which are the everyday slangs the young crowd uses? Or is it the “The pind the chhora” attitude he keeps which makes him a star, yet so reachable? Whatever the reason maybe, he has seen success in a real short frame of time. With almost every Bollywood top grossing movie having a song sung by him, he is a success story to be studied. He has worked and contributed to the success of movies of some top actors! Be it SRK doing a Lungi Dance, or Akki partying hard with no cares even if the next door Aunty police bulalegi, or The Shehenshah, Big B shaking a leg at the Party with the bhootnath, Yo Yo Honey Singh has seen the best of Bollywood.


Sigh! I guess I cannot understand why I cannot stop listening to his songs. I don’t know why I Yo Yo with Honey Singh. I have reasons not to like him, but the songs? Well, my high heels would definitely click to the party getting’ hot with his Yo Yo Honey Singhaaaaa signature.






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