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Yes We Kanye: We Are Already Imagining (dreading) How It Would Be With Kayne West As America’s President


While the 2016 Presidential Race has already turned out to be one of the more interesting and unpredictable ones of recent times, the 2020 Race easily trumps (no pun intended) the former.


Well, Kanye West announced his candidature for Presidency of The United States of America at the MTV Video Music Awards just a few days ago, and collectively threw the political and musical world into a tizzy.

His acceptance speech didn’t turn out to be like normal acceptance speeches. In normal acceptance speeches, you give a fake smile, and thank all the important people in the audience so that they remember that during a rainy day. However, Kanye West simply gave a fake smile, and proceeded to announce that he was running for President.


The Future

I am already imagining a future where Rap Battles replace conventional debates, and unless Jeb Bush has a highly successful underground hip hop career, we all know who’s going to win that. Also, Kanye West is not the only Presidential hopeful with a rap background. Some reports suggest that Bill Clinton used to be a big Emcee back in the day. His stage name was Emcee BC. In fact, that’s how he met future wife Hilary Clinton, who was going through a Goth phase at that time.

First Lady Kim

However, Kanye West becoming the POTUS is the least of our worries. It must have skipped your mind, but Kim Kardashian would become the first lady. In that case, it would be better for the US of A that this be the first and last lady. No one will be able to top her, or her fashion choices. I thought there was only one dictator named Kim in the market.

While Kanye was receiving this fateful award, he remarked that he doesn’t understand these award shows. Mr. West, if you are serious about your aspirations, then you are about to enter the grandest award show of them all, the USA Presidential Elections.


Just Maybe?

Also, I hope Kanye West realises that the Black card has already been played (Thanks, Obama), and you don’t have the element of surprise anymore. If you make this announcement, and do nothing for the next 4 years, then your chances of becoming President are about as much as finding a metered Auto in Delhi. However, if you actually show that you are capable of breaking the status quo and work towards building your community over the next 4 years, then who knows, perhaps America will finally get the hero it probably doesn’t deserve.

Till then, YES WE KANYE.

Manaved Nambiar
Manaved Nambiar
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