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On World Toilet Day, A Take on Indian Men Peeing In Open. Get Piss’ED


Today is World Toilet Day. It is an international UN day

According to UN, 1 billion people still defecate in the open. Open defecation is one of the main reasons why India reports the highest number of diarrhoeal deaths among children under the age of 5.

Indians, mainly men, do not think even once before pissing in the public. It’s like the Nike catchphrase “Just Do It”.


Steps to Take a Quick Piss in Public:

There are three steps involved in public pissing. They are:

  1. Find a wall. (Any wall, even the red fort’s wall would be considered)
  2. Bring out the man. (You know what I mean!!)
  3. JUST DO IT.



Nudity Guaranteed:

An early morning train guarantees lots of public nudity.

Think about the last time you took a train ride early in the morning. You regret taking the window seat because you saw countless number of people sitting in the famous kuck-duk-koo position with a bottle in their hand.


Told ya, lots of public nudity.

Paid to Poo – A Healthy Initiative:

Recently, a state council in Ahmedabad (not the capital of Gujarat) has come up with a scheme where children are paid to use public toilets. The campaign is called “Paid to Poo”. Campaigners hope it will improve the situation in a country where diseases such as diarrhoea kill about 200,000 children every year.

It’s a great initiative and adults should also be paid to “poo” so that they would refrain from doing public nudity out of embarrassment. If adults are also paid then from next time there would be a bottle in one hand and cash in the other.

Get Piss’ED Off.

This World toilet day let us pledge not to piss in public places or rather on walls of public places.

Let’s get pissed off at the increasing intolerance in the country.

Let’s get pissed off at Terrorism.

Let’s be pissed off from Azam Khan, from the jibes made by the “politicians”.

Let us increase the ambit and utility of the word “piss”.

Say no to Open Defecation.

Prateek Gupta
Prateek Gupta
Law student who cares and writes.



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