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T20 World Cup : Recalibration of Indian Hopes


Rightly said, the T20 fiesta has begun and so has the excitement (people have started conducting pujas for it more often). As the world cup is ready to launch into a new galaxy altogether, this time, around in a new country, some new players but with the same old spirit and enthusiasm (as they say cricket is the evergreen love). Ready to satiate the T20 Appetite of the spectators, India would be the cynosure of all eyes (mine too, part of the club).

The campaign kicks off on 15 March, with the home team battling it out at Mumbai’s delight Wankhede with the Kiwis who can beat any team on a given day.

So, here is what a true Indian fan (was quoting me and you probably, like this article if you are), would feel.


The T20 season is on and so are the Billion hopes on the Indian team waiting to be crowned as the champions again for the second time.

The Indian team showing its much prowess lately in the Asia cup by winning all the matches in a comprehensive manner and going into the World cup as the No.1 side in International rankings.

The team is already running crazy with its form winning almost 11 matches with just one defeat in the last 12 T20 Internationals that it has played. The unit is clicking well together.

Asia cup


Backing the current form of the players and the winning streak that it has built, the team will start as favourites for the Tournament.

However, the road will not be that easy for the home country team as they have the lights of teams like Australia (Oz power looking to take the revenge from the Indians), New Zealand, and the much awaited Pakistan (yes, you read it right, the ones who are grappling with the security issues of their players and not focussing on cricket which they have never).



Playing on sub-continental pitches with Turning tracks which the team is performing is definitely a big plus to the flaming hopes. definitely makes India a master of all jacks and the consistency wit.

The team is well settled with Captain cool leading the pack and Nehra adding the much-needed TEETH to it along with our Own Malinga Jaspreet Bhumrah. The team has a solid middle order too along with the Breakup Boy Kohli who is looking to settle terms this time.


 It was in 2007 that we won the T20 world cup beating our arch, ardent and neighbourhood rivals(you know the name, come on now, they even have a Mauka- Mauka ad. it is time for us to be flamboyant and play fearless cricket.

So, come on boys let us repeat History again and keeping the Entire country happy along with the Public sector banks employees too who are not being made happy by the Calendar Hunt guy.

I am already dreaming of eyes open of India holding the Glory in hands, and You?




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